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So Sore!

I did a final sand and seal of the floor upstairs. I know, I’m dragging this out, lol. But I went up and checked the floors and they were not as smooth as I’d liked. So I took the hand … Continue reading

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My new project! #Refinishing my Floors

This week has been crazy! I started sanding my upstairs this past week. I rented a sander to do the main part. Two rooms and a hallway. Eight hours of sanding later, the main sections were done. Then I used … Continue reading

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How to stay warm in a power outage – or even if your heater just goes out.

I haven’t been looking up much for the past couple of weeks other than how to build a preorder form for book sales for upcoming book signings and recipes. Pretty generic stuff for me, lol. But today. TODAY. *sigh* I … Continue reading

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Now on to Chickens!

I already knew how to wring a chickens neck or chop it to start preparing one thanks to a neighbor when I was a young girl. Young enough to be fascinated by it running around the yard after the deed … Continue reading

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Wormholes and writing

So I’m writing and doing odd research, lol. I looked up why eyes on predators were yellow. Because, my dragons have gold eyes! Then I needed to learn how to make lamp oil from animal fat. Here is one video … Continue reading

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Reuse & Recycle

Do you? I tend to like to be able to reuse items or recycle them into another use. I’m always checking out DIY websites, Facebook sites and Pinterest to find ways. Material is a no given. It can be recycled … Continue reading

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