my new series A Dragon’s Fated Heart

A Dragon’s Fated Heart series follows the stories of the first six siblings of a hatching to feel the call of Fate.

Strategic bombings released diseases from hidden labs and upset the balance of the geography of North America, activating dormant volcanoes across the country. The spread of disease and disaster isolated and killed off communities across the country.

The ill advised attacks spread diseases faster than the culprits expected, changing the face of the world before it could be confined.

Inside the volcanoes and other wild uncharted places man could not comfortably go, arise myths and legends. Dragons. They will once again rise and rule the skies.

Fate has ensured they will find their mates when it is time.

Now is their time.

Come meet my sexy dragon shifters as they find their mates. Four brothers and two sisters rise at fate’s call.

The first book in the series is Stealing Hope A Dragon’s Fated Heart book 1 and will be publishing in 2015.

The second book in the series is Finding Faith A Dragon’s Fated Heart book 2. Scheduled for publishing in 2016.


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