Seasons Greetings! #Christmas Tree Skirt assembly.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was good. If you celebrate Hanukah and Kwanza I hope those are going well or went well.

We celebrated yesterday, going over to our daughter’s to watch the granddaughter open her gifts and brought all of ours for her over too.

She had a ball! And yes those are all hers. The green ones were from us. The pink from her mom. The trolls are from her dad and the striped ones from her aunt. That isn’t even the ones from her other grandparents coming today!

But in preparation for Christmas I had to make a tree skirt for my daughter. I showed the first portion a couple of weeks ago. Here is the rest of it. I did finish it.

I bought 18 pieces of fabric at 1/4 yard each, and a blanket from a thrift store for batting. It ran me $6.99. The batting started at $9.99 so buying a blanket was cheaper. I used double binding tape for the trim. It took 4 packages. I did have a little of the binding left, but not much.

Here are the initials photos and the subsequent ones to completion. I’ll post the instructions at the end.

1. This is the one side
2. This is the ‘adult’ side, lol.
3. You can see the batting between the top and bottom.
4. Here the 2 sides are together and the trim is done around the center and the split.
5. The same view from the other side
6. Here is the completed skirt. It ties together to hold it closed. I didn’t flatten it out, lol.
7. This is the other side completed. This time I straightened it out, lol.

That is the whole skirt.

Items needed:

Large cardboard box, flattened

18 – 1/4 yard fabric pieces of 45 inch cotton fabric.

4 packages of binding tape

1 piece of batting 56 inches square or 1 throw blanket


straight pins

marking pencil or washable marker

sewing machine or 1 needle if hand sewing

2 spools of thread


I got a large cardboard box. I took a yardstick and put one end in the corner and held it. I put a pen against the 28 inch mark and in a 90 degree arc, drew a line. This was the outside of the tree skirt. I did it again at the 5 inch mark to give it a center. Then I cut the cardboard out.

I then marked it in half, and cut it. Then I marked that piece in half and cut it. That is how I made the templet.

This is what it looked like.

The tree skirt fabrics are 22 inches each tall. I cut the 1/4 yard piece in half so each piece was 1/4 yard wide and 22 inches tall. Once they were all cut, I took each piece and traced the pattern out on them using the marking pencil and cut them.

I pinned the sides of together until I had a pattern I liked. Then I did it to the other side. I laid the pinned pieces together over the blanket and cut the blanket to match the circle. (sorry I forgot to get a picture!) See #3 picture for the end result. I pinned them together and basted the top circle and the split.

Basting is using the straight stitch but at the largest stitch. Mine is 8 on my machine. This way you can pull out the stitches once your final stitching is done. Leave beginning and ending thread when you baste long so you can pull it out. Sew close to edges making sure to catch the blanket and matching edges of both sides.

Once you basted the skirt together, pin the binding tape to the edges. I started at the bottom corner of the split, went up and around the smaller circle and back down to the other side of the split. Fold binding tape neatly at the corners as you go turn to go on the circle. This took almost one package of binding tape. Sew. Pictures 4 & 5.

You can remove the basting stitches at this point unless you managed to cover them with the binding tape. Then you’re golden! If not, pull the thread to remove them. It sounds easy, but I always find this a pain, lol. I usually have a seam ripper handy to help if they don’t pull out easy. It’s okay but it takes a bit of time. If you can’t see your basting stitches don’t worry about it. Having them there doesn’t hurt a thing.

Then I took the binding tape and pinned the bottom circle starting at the split. Fold the edges neatly and pin. It will take at least 2 packages of binding tape, so be prepared. Make sure to fold under the binding tape when you start the next package so you don’t get loose threads.

Sew up the bottom circle.

Take the binding tape and cut six 10 inch pieces. Pin one on either side of the split at the top, middle and bottom of the split. Sew. I ran my machine 3 times over each strip to make sure they wouldn’t pull off.

Here’s the final product under the tree.

Here are pictures of my first tree skirt. I made it 28 years ago.

It is hard to see, but I hand embroidered a cross and a Christmas star all the way around this one to keep it together. I used a gold trim. On one side I used two fabrics, a solid and a print. For the other side I used a variety of prints. The whole skirt isn’t shown, I had it folded over to take a quick picture.

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