An update on my office! And a few other projects

And none of those projects are writing, lol. I’m giving myself a pass. I’m still waiting on a bookcase and I need a chair or something to relax in, in my office, but it is coming along. Here’s a few pictures.

Yes, most of my artwork on the walls are stamps! I did work for the Post Office for 30 years! Retiring in 2019 as Postmaster in the town I lived in. The other wall (yellow one) has my swearing in oath in the offices I became Postmaster in. I loved my job, but it was time to go. And I don’t regret one moment of choosing retirement, lol. Though I do miss the money I had to spend with a full time job. I’ve had to be a bit thriftier! I even started couponing again.

Well, I said I haven’t been writing. Instead I’ve been spending more time with my daughter. Here’s what we did this past week.

We actually made two gingerbread houses. I got the mold from an online Pampered Chef party for the house. It worked great. I found the recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction. Great gingerbread. Worked well for the house and all the other cookies we cut out. Very sturdy and tasty. My granddaughter has been randomly munching on pieces of it, lol. My gingerbread men have started missing heads, and the trees are losing their treetops, lol.

I’ve also been working on a tree skirt for my daughter. We are still waiting on a piece of material to come in. A Game of Thrones piece for the one side of the skirt.

Each side repeats the pattern twice. We purchased nine 1/4 yard pieces and cut them in half so that the 45 inch became 22 1/2 inch high and a quarter yard wide. I cut out a pattern from a piece of cardboard. I took a thin pole, marked 28 inches on it. I went from the corner of the side, holding the one side steady and drew an arc so that I had a quarter of a circle. Then I halved that piece and halved it again. The I took a mixing bowl and cut out the center where the tree would be standing. That left me with a piece that fit the 22″ piece to a tee.

Each side of the tree skirt will have 18 pieces. These photos are showing the initial pinning together. That’s when I realized were were short material! They are just pinned together.

We went out to get the rest of the material, hitting up a thrift shop and picking up a blanket to be the batting material. It is a lot cheaper. Once each side is sewed up, I’ll pin it to the blanket and cut out all the excess material. I’ll run it on the machine to hold it in place and to keep it from buckling when it gets washed. This is extremely important as her cats love to sleep under the tree. It has to be sturdy and machine washable.

Once that is done, I have green double bias tape to bind up all the edges. I’ll put a split in it with ties so you don’t have to put it down before you put up the tree. Hopefully I’ll have it done by Wednesday. The last piece is due in on Monday (keeping my fingers crossed).

I’ll post pictures of the rest of the steps in a couple of weeks.

Stay crafty! lol.

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