More Floors! #Renovation

We closed on our new house! Though we still aren’t in there, lol.

We, ha, ME redid the floors. Why not, I’m on a roll! Second house and another floor. Three rooms, a bedroom, living and dining room.

You can see how uneven and worn the floors were.

Seeing the stripped product, I didn’t hold out much hope that they would look good. My daughter and I picked out an Espresso stain. It looked like I rubbed dirt on the floor. I had to re sand that portion, lol. Then I grabbed a new stain.

This looked a lot better. The living room (far room) had the most damage. I had to fix some separation in the boards in the living room. My dad told me to use sawdust mixed with wood glue to repair any separation. It worked to a point. The previous owners used that plastic wood repair stuff and it wasn’t holding. And the stuff I shoved in there took the stain too. Score!

They look gorgeous, don’t they? I ended up using Traditional Cherry.

It is not the only thing we’ve been doing. We’ve been painting. We, means my daughter and I. I still believe in child labor. She’s in her twenties, so not truly child labor. Don’t believe me? See her making an attractive face below, lol.

This is my future office. Yellow and the darker wall is ginger. The ceiling is a pale white. I’m getting it ready for moving in and for nanowritemo. I want it set up so I can write. I haven’t had a spot to do it in in years. Hit those numbers for the month and continue! I’m hunting for a desk. The one I refurbished a few years ago it too small for my computer to sit on it. My mom is not willing to give up the one she has that I love, lol. I asked!

Obviously we’re not done. The edges need doing. Along with the trim. The paint is called Brandied Pears and the other is Cactus Flower.

My granddaughter calls this her room. She helped pick out the paint. Then asked if she could move in, lol. Mean grandma said no. They only live down the block from us and would cry for her mommy, anyway.

Hubby and I call this the media room. A daybed with a trundle and a large screen TV are planned for here. The closet will have all of our DVD’s, and a toybox. We’re going to display the hubby’s Disney pin collection on the walls. Aaaand my legos and lego table will be in here. Along with all our board games and puzzles.

In the dining room, we’ll be hanging some of our overseas artwork and our Westpak jackets. We’ll be getting them framed to hang of course. I’ve one and hubby two to hang. Plus his boomerangs he got in Australia. I figured it was about time we displayed some of our things rather than have them in boxes.

This is a piece I watched the artist paint while I was in Hong Kong. It reminded me of the city there. I just had to grab it. One of the pieces that will be gracing our dining room.

Well, trick or treating is tonight, so have a good night. I’m heading out with Poppy!

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