#Moving ~ Are we crazy?

Here’s a picture of our soon to be new home! I’m packing up the old house. So many things! Twenty seven years of things! Gah!

I started by packing our dvds. Next is clothes. I’m clearing out furniture we won’t be taking with. Got rid of a couch today. I’m sorting as I box things up.

Remember the beautiful floors I just did? I have to do the floors in this house too! My husband just laughed. I’m doing them before we move in. We are (cross your fingers) supposed to close on October 16th. I’m taking a week after that to do the floors and paint. We’ll start moving stuff in after that. We should be in by Halloween.

Then, the house we are moving from is having a bathroom renovation to take care of a few things. I started the floor, painting and the bathroom before we ever thought of moving! Now someone else will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Good thing I enjoyed doing all of it! Though I’m hiring out the tiling and drywall in the bathroom. We’re also going to put in a new natural gas furnace. Currently we have a fuel oil furnace. We’re planning on renting it out, so want it to have no problems.

Sometimes it seems like nothing but work! Our current house is over 125 years old. So, of course there is work! Our new house was built in 1946 so it is much newer, lol. Septic and well also. Something to thrill my prepper heart!

I’m all for paying for movers. I’m past the time where I won’t ache the next week if we do it ourselves. Add in the fact that the new house is an hour away from the old house and that is a lot of driving. Even if we just get movers for the furniture I’d be happy. They can clamber up and down stairs with the heavy pieces.

We’re not downsizing. That word just freezes my blood! Why should I be cramped just because we’re getting older? Don’t you know that being that close together might end up with one of us buried in the backyard? LOL. Seriously.

No open concept for us. If I had to listen to the TV all day long, I’d go bonkers.

What I will miss is my garden. As unproductive as it’s been for me, I enjoyed gardening. There are a couple of itty bitty raised beds at our new house, so that will have to suffice. Since it’s not like I produced much of anything!

Currently I have butternut squash and pumpkins still producing. One squash and three pumpkins, lol. But I’ll take it! I’ll mow everything under before we move. Or before the snow comes. Not sure which will come first here in Wisconsin!

So, my life is continually in flux. As everyone’s I suppose. We’re off to the Pumpkin Patch so have a good week!

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I'm an author but I can only talk about me so much! So 5 out of 7 days I feature other romance books and 1 out of 7, I post sales. I usually reserve only one day for myself.
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3 Responses to #Moving ~ Are we crazy?

  1. carolee says:

    Best of luck with the move!

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