Summation of my Garden

It’s so sad.

No corn due to the squirrels and chipmunks. Ditto the zucchini and tomatoes! I got one watermelon, the critters got the rest.

The turnips, beets and radishes will get pulled next week. I’ll see how that went.

No sweet potatoes because SOMETHING is digging them up and eating them. I got about 15 strawberries and my green beans and peas produced well.

Broccoli is finally sprouting. A little late, lol. The cauliflower never sprouted the edible parts.

From 12 green pepper plants, I have harvested 2 peppers with another one growing.

The jalapeno peppers are doing awesome. My husband begged me stop adding them to everything. But they are so good!

Turnip tops are disgusting. Sorry to those who like them. I’ll never grow the seven top turnip greens again.

Carrots, well the tops never showed I don’t believe. I’ll dig just in case, but I figure nothing will be there.

Two butternut squash plants have yielded 2 squash with 2 more growing. My pumpkin plants, 9 in total have yielded 3 pumpkins.

I’m a failure as a gardener, lol. I’d have been better off going to the farmer’s market. It won’t stop me from trying to do it again next year. After all my cherry tomato plant is still producing. At least I’ve had plenty of them!

I guess it’s to be expected. It is 2020.

Next year I’ll be doing it in raised beds. Maybe that will make it better.

We bought a new house so I won’t have as much yard to garden in. I hope the squirrels at our new place won’t like my gardening as much!

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