So Sore!

I did a final sand and seal of the floor upstairs. I know, I’m dragging this out, lol. But I went up and checked the floors and they were not as smooth as I’d liked. So I took the hand sander and 150 grit sandpaper and went to work. An hour and a half later the final sanding was done.

It took longer to get the loose detritus off the floor than to sand it! Not even the dryvac worked. I ended up getting a sponge mop, and went over the floors. Once it dried, I was able to take a towel and wipe it all up. No damage to the floors at all. Then I poured the polyurethane over the floors and spread it out.

The floors look spectacular!

The first picture, the poly is still a little wet, I did a semi gloss on the floors. The second is once it dried. Not enough to start moving furniture in, but a good beginning.

I had to touch up a couple of spots, but other than that, it turned out wonderful. Now I need a drywaller to finish up the wall separating the bedrooms, paint the bedroom and add the trim. I love the one inch boards. There are a few spots where the sander got out of hand, but overall I think they look great.

The total cost to refinish two rooms and the hallway ran about $600. My brother had someone do one of his rooms a couple of years ago and it cost him that then. I’d hate to imagine what it would have cost to have someone do them for me.

Of course, they would have been done a lot sooner. And my body wouldn’t ache, lol. It hurts to move and I’m walking like I’m ninety years old. Every bit of me is sore!

But I’d do it again rather than have someone come in.

Now I have to decide what to do about the last bedroom. My granddaughter asked for carpeting so she could play on it. I have to decide on carpet squares, or having someone come in and carpet it.

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