Do you really think it happens in threes?

This has not been a good week. On Monday we found out a friend had passed away. Dropped in his front yard. He was 61. We were part of the military honors at the burial on Thursday.

On Tuesday I found out my uncle passed away. He was 60. He had been ill for a while. Heart trouble, dementia and at the end he was diagnosed with covid. I’m sure it will be listed as a covid death, but he’d been failing long before he caught that.

I’m praying I don’t have a third death or a friend or family member.

I’m counting the death of my corn and zucchini. Something, and you know what it is, ate every growing cob.

Then went on and ate from the leaf to the ground to decimate my zucchini plants.

I’ve pretty much given up on getting any tomatoes. A hint of red has them gnawed on like the darn things are candy! Perhaps to squirrels and chipmunks they are.

The watermelon have been disappearing when they reach the size of walnuts. Won’t those critters be surprised when they eat them! Of course, they have been sampling. The couple of watermelons that have survived all have teeth marks. I guess they wanted to get them while they could carry them!

BTW, my floors are still curing. We’ll be putting out the furniture this week. And getting rid of unnecessary stuff.

Ups and downs, this week. Facing mortality and hoping this is the end of it. I’d gladly sacrifice my veggies to keep my family and friends around!

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2 Responses to Do you really think it happens in threes?

  1. carolee says:

    Sorry for your losses…At least you have happy squirrels.


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