Something New! and more #gardening news.

Today I’m trying canning. My main problem is that everyone seems to be sold out of the canning lids. I’m waiting on the hubby to finish his shower so we can road trip hunting for supplies!

Fleet Farm had 2 bags of canning salt left. I’ve tons of jars, but only 4 lids. Yikes! I have 18 pounds of corn and 50 pounds of beans to can. (Kiwanis had a fund raiser) I have very little freezer room, so I can’t freeze them.

I have only canned once before in my life, but I really don’t trust the world the way it is going. I’m stocking up to make sure my family is in good shape.

You saw the picture of my freezer! Since it is just the two of us, that will take a while to go through. Of course my daughter calls for meat rather than go shopping for it, lol. That’s fine. They are still getting used to making house payments, utility bills and everything that goes along with owning a house.

Me, I got about 4 meals from all those beans, but they are growing again so I should get more. I’ve at least a pint of cherry tomatoes to pick today. Four watermelon are growing, but the birds have been eating my tomatoes as soon as they are ripe! Even if they are tiny.

20200731_115011I also have a few jalapeno peppers ready I need to get in. I notice nothing is eating them.

One of my stalks of corn had something with claws shred one of my stalks of corn and eat the itty bitty corn cob. Yikes!

The sunflowers and over nine feet tall and beginning to bloom. This was a picture from yesterday. Today, the two on the right are fully open. Even my granddaughter is blooming, lol.

20200806_122018The rest of the stuff is flowering and hopefully will sprout vegetables soon!


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1 Response to Something New! and more #gardening news.

  1. carolee says:

    Hope you are able to find lids quickly.


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