Learning! #Gardenfails

So, my tomatoes are doing terribly. They are wilting and nothing seems to bring them back. I’ve checked the soil. It’s not too damp and not too dry. I’ve feed them. I’ve worked egg shells into the soil. Nothing is working. When I look up what can cause it, it seems like it is the heat. I’ve trimmed many of them. Some still are wilty, but a couple have come back. I’ve no clue how my yield will be.

I go to the farmers market and get depressed, lol. Produce is rolling in and mine is flowering, but other than small green tomatoes, nothing has produced. I’m sure most of them use green houses. I did, but I wonder if I didn’t leave them in there long enough.

Though, the tomato plants I kept in the house in the window are smaller than the ones I have in my garden and are from the same group. But they look stronger and have a ton of blossoms. I know because I planted them at my daughters home. I check on them every time I go over.

My zucchini are full of blossoms, my watermelon are showing lovely yellow flowers. Radishes, beats, and turnips seem to be doing well along with my butternut squash and pumpkins. I even found my first watermelon!


My green peppers have started getting peppers which is good.

My swiss chard sprouted but haven’t grown much. My parsnips are non-existent. I’ll have to try sprouting them in a paper towel like I was told. Maybe that would help.

My corn is doing great! One of the stalks even has its topper on it! I did a garden dance when I saw it. The clover seems to grow overnight no matter how much I pull it. I wonder if clover is good for anything?


My snap peas have gone after a couple of harvests. I won’t grow them next year. We really don’t eat enough of them. I’ll try normal peas next year. Something we’d eat.

My beans are wild! Most of them grew to a foot long! I’ve done two harvests of them and expect one more, but the plants are dying. I have them in the front and they shouldn’t have all day sun. My bad! I planted 13 plants and it made, so far, 4 meals. If I put them in back next year where they have sun and shade, and double or triple the amount of plants, I should get a yield that will keep us in beans over the winter. Not eating them for every meal, of course!


Crazy long! It didn’t take many to make a meal for two people. I didn’t even realize they were beans at first!

My broccoli is sad. It is growing but the bundles from 6 plants wouldn’t even make a meal. So far no cauliflower has manifested. I’m thinking because the zucchini is hogging, well, everything. It shadows over the cauliflower, stealing all it’s light.

My pumpkins plants seem to be going good. I lost some and am left with seven plants, but they have really sprouted in the last week.

I’m learning a lot about what to and not to do. My dad said I need to spread out my tomatoes more and maybe that is the problem. I’ll find out next year.

My cherry tomato plant is a monster though, and loaded with tomatoes. They are just starting to turn red, too.


I couldn’t even get the whole plant in the picture. It’s a spoiled monster, lol. It wilted every time I took it out of the greenhouse so I just left it in there.

I don’t know that I’ll plant broccoli and cauliflower next year. I need to find out what I’m doing wrong.

My cabbage is starting to ball, so that’s great. And my black raspberries have been doing killer. I’ve gotten about 3 pints from them. My granddaughter’s eaten 2 of them, lol. Better than them going to waste. Jam uses too much sugar and I’m diabetic, so not worth making for me. I’ll keep my sweets natural. (chocolate is natural, right?)

Milkweed grew out front and I didn’t kill it. It sprouted in the middle of my lawn. We used to have a whole bunch on the side of the house, but they disappeared over the years. I mowed around them. I was rewarded with monarch butterflies! Milkweed is their only food. I don’t want to see any species die out and if I can help in any small way, I will try. Even if my yard looks crazy.

I still spend and hour or two everyday working on them. It keeps me occupied and happy to be outside.

I hope your gardens are doing better than mine! Let me know! Any hints on broccoli and cauliflower would be great!


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