Moving is hard work!

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. My daughter bought a house and they closed on it on June 19th and we’ve been moving her stuff since. Ugh. This is one reason we’ve lived in our house for twenty six years.

I hate moving! My parents moved every three years without fail while I was growing up. In direct contrast, my daughter had twenty six years of cr@p to move! Plus all of her daughter’s stuff. She turns five next week and has lived here since she turned one.

They moved into a beautiful house with a swimming pool we’ve been taking full advantage of! I finally got a breather today. They came over here! So I only had to round up stuff rather than drive it there.

Shouldn’t be an issue? They moved an hour away. Not as bad as my son who is stationed in South Carolina who we see maybe once a year. But still two hours of my day stuck in a car is not my favorite thing. You can bet they are not getting rid of me easy, lol!

Luckily I have my garden to keep me busy with the girls gone. When I’m not babysitting. Yes, I’m still doing that 2-3 days a week.

My corn is growing well. My onions are thriving. I’m a bit worried about my cabbage, they seem to be a bit wilty. My green beans finally have pods on them! Zucchini is blossoming along with my tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. My root vegetables are all coming up.

But we will NOT mention the parsnips. Never plant them to transfer them. It doesn’t work.

This is my front garden in the back yard. It is 10 ft by 20 ft changing to 25 ft by the tomatoes. I had to avoid huge slabs of cement buried next to my garage. Don’t know why they are there, but I work around them.

This is the rear garden in the back year. It measures 7 ft by 30 ft. And yes, I’m a horrible weeder. I take something called the hounddog and use that. It’s spiky and tears through the weeds, pulling them up without me having to crawl on the ground. I planted the onions I had in a container between the corn. It doesn’t seem to be hurting either as both are growing well.

Not all of my corn sprouted, or rather, something dug them up and ate them judging from the paw prints I found. I replanted so I’ve got a few different sizes growing. We always said corn is growing well if it is knee high by the Fourth of July. Some of them already are. Woot!

These are the plants (and out of control weeds) in my green house. My cherry tomatoes appear to have an issue with it’s leaves. I have to investigate it! Regardless, there is a good pint of tomatoes already growing. They are on the opposite side. The cherry tomato is totally out of control! One of the branches is growing so far it is snaking along the ground and almost reaches the back wall of the greenhouse. Another branch has snaked over to the shelving unit and is at home there, happily sprouting flowers. This picture is from Monday and it has gone crazy in the last week.

The red peppers in the pot are almost ready to go in the ground. I tossed a red pepper bit in the dirt in a tin can and grew these. I was so excited it actually worked!

My salad pot has flowers! I’ve been using the salad and they are ready for more harvesting already and hopefully look like they are reseeding themselves. The plants in the long tray next to my salad mix are pumpkin. My mom tossed seeds in a toilet paper tube with dirt and grew them. She had no idea what plant it was, she found the seeds she’d dried from last year. So now I have 16 pumpkin plants! I’m going to have my husband till another spot to plant them. I traded them tomato plants for the pumpkin. I’ve have given them tomatoes regardless, lol. But pumpkin was a nice bonus. We will do that as soon as it stops raining.

My dad said his tomato plants from the store were only a couple of inches high. The ones I had were eighteen inches when he got them. He was surprised since we grew them from seed.

This is the front of my house. I forgot to get a picture of the strawberries. They are bursting with berries. My granddaughter loves it. She eats them as fast as they get red.

So, empty nesting now but between gardening and writing, I’ll keep busy.

Not to mention putting the house back in order, ripping out carpeting and sanding down wood floors to varnish them. But that’s another story! And the carpet ripping is happening today! It’s too wet to do much in the garden.

Have a happy, safe and productive weekend! I’m hoping to.

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  1. carolee says:

    I sprout parsnip seed in damp paper towels. When the seeds get “tails” I put them into 4-packs and grow them on until they get 4 leaves, then transplant into the garden. Works great for me.

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