What to do with all that food?


Poppies for remembrance! Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend. Take the time to remember any in your life that have served in the Military and are no longer with us. I’ll be remembering my Great Grandfather Henry and my FIL Adelaido.

I’ve been researching for my upcoming book Reviving Mara and my own personal needs. I’m already looking at ways of preserving my upcoming bounty in my garden.

I finished planting the first one. In it is sweet corn, red cabbage, broccoli, carrots, turnips, sweet peppers, zucchini, tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. I’m planning on a second garden in another location that will be tomatoes, radishes and watermelon.


I’m using old fence slats to mark the rows.



I admit, it doesn’t look like much. Mud and sticks, lol. The second plot isn’t cleared yet, but hopefully by the end of this weekend.

So, I’m also getting 1/2 a cow in in a couple of weeks. I’m just trying to make sure we have food if there is a shortage. With all the shutdowns, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve dehydrator and want to learn to can. I told my mom to expect to come up to help me when my garden comes in. She’s canned for years but I haven’t lived at home since I was eighteen, so never learned.

This article gives some info on canning meat. I don’t want to rely on just my freezer for my food. If the power goes off, and it does occasionally, I don’t want to have to mass cook at that point or lose my supplies. https://www.simplycanning.com/canning-meat.html

Here’s another idea I’d like to try.

Mom has never canned meat, but I want to try. My mom does an awesome tomato soup and I want to learn how she makes it.

I love dehydrating but it takes so long to do! I am planning on dehydrating peppers and carrots to drop in stews and soups.



I’m obsessed with having enough food, lol. But I’m obsessed with lots of things! However, my daughter and her BF just bought a house and will be moving. Part of the cow will end up with her and also my parents wanted some. Not a problem. But the girls won’t be getting all the steaks! LOL. I’m probably going to be hoarding those.

What is your plan for food storage? What do you have that will last long term? How do you store your food? Jars? Mylar Bags? Freezer?

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