#Greenhouse and #gardening

Here is my temporary greenhouse I finally set up. This was the first picture. I wanted to show my parents that I finally put it up. It was a gift from them. If you could see it now!

I’ve 4 shelves inside. 2 racks of 4 shelves, one rack of 2 shelves and one rack with just one shelf, just about mid-thigh to me. I’m a scrunchy little 5’3 1/2″. Have to put that 1/2 inch in there, you know!

I have tomatoes, watermelon, sweet peppers, green beans and snap peas that are growing. I just planted onions, lettuce, a salad mix, turnips, carrots, parsnips and zucchini. I have sweet corn waiting to go straight in the ground and my granddaughter planted sunflowers.

I hit a hardware store and picked up Jalapeno peppers, strawberries, red cabbage, and broccoli today. And yes, I had my bumblebee mask on. They are already good sized plants so will go straight in the ground.

Sadly, my asparagus didn’t come up this year.

I’m pulling out the rototiller tomorrow and getting it running. If you look to the right of the greenhouse, I will be tilling the land there between the fence and the greenhouse.


I’m thinking it will be between twenty to thirty feet in length. On the other side, I may put the strawberries. But, I may keep them containerized. The peas and beans will be containerized and I’ll be moving them to the front of my house along side my stairs so they can use the stair railings to climb and make harvesting easier.

BTW I finished my fire pit, surrounding the stone with a border to keep them from being spread further. But, the picture is on my Instagram account. You can check it out here. https://www.instagram.com/ovalleba/ I do tend to post my new projects there first.

I was checking out videos and articles to make trellises for the beans and peas. I do need to have something for them to climb to get up to the railings! I hunted up lots of DIY information.

This one didn’t have the kind I wanted to build. But it may help someone.


Though I found a cute one at the hardware store and may just breakdown and get two. But two of them would be $50 at least.

This next one would be adorable and I could see my granddaughter playing in it until a spider dropped on her!


I will be using my tomato cages for my zucchini and trying that this year. But I’ll be planting it in the ground rather than a container. I may use the pole (and cheaper!) method for my beans and peas. If the thrift stores ever open back up. I’ll go there for items I can use to build a trellis. This video does a good job showing different options.

I found a couple the other day that I really liked, using arches, but I can’t find the articles. It may have been in one of my magazines so I wouldn’t be able to post it here.

I really wanted an arch trellis, and love this design. I would use lighter fencing since I’m using it for beans and peas. And since I already have the fencing and posts.


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