Thinking about apocalypse yet?

This past month has made me think about what I need to do to make sure my family is fed. I’m already working on planning my garden. I don’t have time to start seedlings. Not at this point of the year, end of March in Wisconsin. I’ll get young plants and go from there. We don’t have a huge growing season. I usually plan to harvest by the end of August, beginning of September to get it all in before the frost.

So, my mind wandered as it so often does (I’m a fiction writer you know!) and I started wondering how to identify edible plants. Here’s one that even has pictures! Of course it does, you’re thinking, right? Well, I’ve been on plenty of sites that give you no pics whatsoever. All I read then is blah, blah, green, blah, stem, blah!

But Survival Mastery has pictures! Good ones. Not itty bitty ones that have you seeing nothing but green! Check out this awesome link.

Then I was looking up gardening. Found a video (my preferred way of learning-words and watching) about growing potatoes in a five gallon bucket. Interesting because he farms in the city/suburbs. He lives in a normal neighborhood. You can see it in the video.

Interesting if you have a limited space. I tried container gardening year before last and it was a dismal failure for me. I don’t believe my containers were big enough. I never spread out the seedlings. You know, did it all wrong! It’s not like I have a tiny yard either. This year I want to make or buy raised garden beds. I’m cheap so I’ll probably try to make them. Maybe. He makes it look easy.

Here he shows building a hoophouse to cover his raised garden. Looks simple, but I know me! It wouldn’t end up that way. But I really like the idea.

I could be like my great grandpa. He wasn’t a great carpenter, but he tried. He built my great grandma a greenhouse from windows. First big wind (they lived near Chicago, you know, the windy city) and the whole thing crashed to the ground. He gave up on the greenhouse, lol. Great Grandma was happy about that!

What do you prefer to grow in your garden? Do you have a green thumb or a black thumb? Do you grow food or flowers? I’m aiming for food. I prefer my flowers to be perennials. Plant them once and forget them!

Now I really need to look up hydroponic gardening for my writing! Maybe even try it this summer!

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