Now on to Chickens!

I already knew how to wring a chickens neck or chop it to start preparing one thanks to a neighbor when I was a young girl. Young enough to be fascinated by it running around the yard after the deed was done!

The Ready Store has a quick write up of how to do everything from killing to dressing it for cooking. And not in your Sunday best!

Here’s the link to that article:

If you prefer to see it in action here is a youtube video. Everything is on youtube!

They use a wet pluck method. It seems to be the easiest. This next video uses a dry pluck method for feathers and then a wet pluck for the rest of the feathers. He sells the feathers to help boost the income on his small farm. I enjoyed listening to his accent, lol.

So, since a hot tub of water isn’t ready for my heroine and she’s outside a mine, here’s how she’d do it. Does it.

I should put a disclaimer on my blog! NOT for Vegan use!

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