I’m becoming a font of knowledge! #stillwriting

I found out the options of preparing a hide for tanning. Freeze, salt or dry. Sounds like salting or working on the hide immediately is the way to go. But when you have dragons dropping buffalo at your feet, you may not have supplies!

Interesting stuff but not all the research I do.
Like finding out the parts of a dinosaur. Because a dragon has to be one with wings! Just check out this information.

Claws, Jaws and Spikes: The Science of the Dinosaur Arsenal


I’m tired an apparently I’m coming down with my daughter’s cold. Brain dead means nothing is coming to me! Time to stop and sleep because I know the parts of a dragon. I have so many dragonology books. I’ve read (and written!) quite a few.

I didn’t really find what I was looking for, but I ended up finding some interesting dragon descriptions, lol.


Then my brain kicked back in!




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