Apocalypse coming to you! #amwriting

Now isn’t that an eye catcher! Not that I’m having the apocalypse, but my people are going to find an unwelcome surprise.

Imagine exploring a mine for tools and scrap metals and finding a door. Triple locked. Hermetically sealed.

I’d look! Wouldn’t you?

Grace can’t stop herself. Rog is willing to indulge her whether she realizes it or not.

My world in a Dragon’s Fated Heart series takes place AFTER the apocalypse. (BTW, isn’t that the WORST word in the world to spell?) Generations after. Rise of the Dragons introduces you to it. Stealing Hope drops you a couple of centuries into the aftermath. Finding Faith skips along, ignoring it ever happened, lol.

Didn’t mean to do that, but Faith and Crag didn’t seem to care.


Grace and Rog will be slapped in the face with it. Hark, too, since he’s along for the ride. I so want to tell, but just in case something unforeseen happens and it takes another turn, I won’t spill the beans!

I’m using a couple of books to help by Jackson Dean Chase. Writing Apocalypse & Survival (no zombies here though!) and Post-Apocalypse Writers’ Phrase Book.

I’m chomping at the bit because I already purchased the cover for the book. BUT I still don’t have a name for it. It was going to be Saving Grace, but Grace doesn’t need saving. Not really. Hopefully while I’m writing it, a name will come to me. It better. I can’t just call it Book 3!

Other than reading about possible causes and survival methods of an apocalypse, I haven’t looked up anything weird.

However, I’ve been looking at dirty meme’s, lol. And listening to my writing playlist. I don’t change it depending on the book. Most of the songs just dig into my gut, sending stories rattling around in my brain. Here’s a few of them for your listening pleasure.

Maybe they’ll inspire you too!

Gold ~ Imagine Dragons (what a surprise, lol)

Take Me to Church ~ Hozier (amazingly enough, this is the first time I’ve seen the video!)

Good For You ~ Selena Gomez

Worth It ~ Fifth Harmony

Sugar ~ Maroon 5

E.T. ~ Katy Perry

Bleeding Out ~ Imagine Dragons

Moves Like Jagger ~ Maroon 5

I know, my playlist is about 4 years old, lol. But I don’t get out a lot!

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