Help the Bees!

Plant thisThis will probably crop up in one of my books, lol. My husband knows someone who makes honey, so I’ll try to get a tour and info. Honey would be the easiest way to sweeten things once the ability to process sugar and transportation is no longer available.

So I need to find out firsthand how to build a hive. I already have crocus, poppies, snowdrops, and heliotrope that grow wild in my yard. I’ll have to plant a few more to see if I get more bees. I won’t become a bee keeper but I think it would be interesting to know how.

Each of my dragon’s mates need to know something to contribute to their lives before the dragons. Something that can lead to problems for them. I can imagine lots going wrong with bee keeping. Maybe this will be the topic for Saving Grace. Not sure yet, but it is interesting.

Stealing Hope has hunting/trapping.

Finding Faith is fishing. My uncle is a huge fisherman so I want to learn how to make fishing flies. Getting down to Illinois when I can and he is there doesn’t always work, lol. Busy lives!  It may not play a huge part of the story, but it makes it seem more real when I write when I know how something works, even if I don’t describe it in detail.

Writing sure helps me learn all sorts of different things.

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