Making baby food

I was looking up lots of how to make baby food recipes earlier in the year. It had been a LONG time since I had made any. So far I’m doing good.

I’ve made Yams, (which are her favorite!)

Acorn squash




angus beef (the face! LOL) Meat is NOT a texture she was ready for!

I’m planning on apple sauce and corn.

I keep threatening brussel sprouts but I don’t think she’s ready for that.

I chop up the vegetables into easy to cook pieces then boil them. I use enough water to cover the vegetables so I don’t waste anything.

I’ve found that using the water that I cook the vegetables in to puree the veggies works fantastic. That way she also gets all of the vitamins and minerals that may have boiled out of them. I them take them for a spin in my Magic Bullet! It works great.


The bananas and pears were pureed cold. I will be cooking the apple sauce before I puree it. I try to use fresh whenever I can. The peas were picked fresh this summer and frozen. It is a matter of finding out what is in season.

She’s had a bit more variety courtesy of Gerber’s as my daughter finds it easier to keep a pre-made meal in the diaper bag just in case she needs it.

She loves chocolate, ice cream, coffee (blame grandpa on that!) and the masa around tamales!

The angus beef had been roasted in the slow cooker in preparation for enchiladas. So it was soft, flavorful and tender. The I took it for a whirl in the bullet. She seemed to like the flavor but not the texture. As you can see, she’s happy and healthy.


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