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Stealing Hope A Dragon’s Fated Heart

Volcanoes shake the land, stirring awake the dragons that live deep within its depths. Rising, awakened to a changed world, Ari heads out to explore. Mankind has been decimated. The earth once again green and growing. An instinct inside him is growing, one that can only be bringing him to the one person fate has created just for him – his dragon’s mate.
Attacked by wild dogs and minutes away from being a cougar’s meal while out hunting, Hope is suddenly snatched into the sky by a creature that can’t be real. Dragons are only real in myths and legends. Stealing Hope away, Ari doesn’t realize that she feels in greater danger from him. His only thought is to rescue his mate.

Hope injures the creature to escape. Her choice to be eaten or fall to her death in the waters below. Now shapeshifted to a man, Ari rescues her. Hope begs him to take her to her family not knowing he was the creature that stole her.

Each touch between Ari and Hope sends a sensual tension wrapping around them both. Passion explodes, igniting fires hotter than dragon flame. Ari’s passion spirals Hope into the mating ritual. The sensual and erotic sensations wind through Hope, making her crave more as her soul reaches for satisfaction.

Hope doesn’t know that the ritual will change her into a dragon, changing her life for all time and binding her forever with the man whose touch sets her aflame in this erotic paranormal romance.


Ari pulled Hope against him.

Hope gasped at the feel of his body against hers.

He ran a hand down, from her hips to her bottom, sliding a hand over her curves. His large
hand cupped her cheek and his fingers slid, touching her heat. His calloused fingers were right
there, coated with the moisture he drew from her.

Hope cried out while Ari teased her with the tip of his finger.

“Oh.” Hope moaned. “You shouldn’t. You should stop.” Hope drowned in the sensation. She tilted her hips, unconsciously asking for more.

Ari slid a finger in, stroking her softly. The glide of his finger, rough and calloused, called
more moisture from her.

Her pussy tightened on his finger, swollen and slick. Her womb clenching in desire. Hope’s
nipples tightened into hard buds, but all her concentration was on the sensation Ari drew from

Ari shifted, positioning Hope against his shaft, rubbing against the bundle of nerves she
didn’t know she had.

She strained toward him, moisture coating his shaft from her cunt.

His finger seated inside her sent her spiraling.

Hope cried out, the sensations bursting inside of her.

“Oh!” Her head fell against his chest.

Ari slowly withdrew his hand from her body.

Hope shuddered. “What did you do to me?”

Ari held her tight; his turgid erection throbbed against her. Hope wrapped her arms around
his waist, content to stand in his arms feeling bewildered yet sated.

“Are you okay?” Ari whispered above her.

Hope nodded her head. Ari was warm against her, contrasting with the cold of the water.
Shifting, Hope realized her leg was beginning to throb.

“My leg is starting to hurt. I think I need to sit down.”

Ari swung Hope up into his arms and strode out of the water. They neared the fire only to
see Crag lying to one side, a snore rising from him.

“I forgot about your brother. You don’t think he saw, do you?” Hope buried her head in
Ari’s neck. “You can’t do that again.”

Ari’s arms tightened around her. “Ari, when are you going to take me home?”

Ari settled down on top of a rock, still holding Hope. “Not tonight.” He attempted to pull
Hope’s shirt off.

Hope fought to keep it on.

He frowned. “It’s wet. You can’t sleep in it.”

“I can’t sleep naked next to you.” She glanced at Crag. “Not with the two of you here.”

“Well, you can’t sleep with it wet either.” They were playing tug of war with her shirt, but
Hope was determined to keep it on. “Fine, how about I let you wear my shirt. Will that work?”


“Rest here, let me go get it.”

Hope stood gingerly, resting her weight against the rock. She watched Ari reach in his
rucksack and pull out a shirt. Her insides tightened. He was a magnificent sight, thick hard
muscles, round butt. There wasn’t anything Hope didn’t admire about his body. Warmth pooled
low in her abdomen and moisture gathered between her legs while she watched him. His balls
hung low and heavy between his legs, just a glimpse when he leaned over. She’d heard her
sisters talk, but hadn’t had any interest in men until Ari.

He stood up and turned around smiling at her.

Hope whimpered.

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