Dragons are coming… building their world

Stealing Hope is coming…

But first I had to build their world. Waking up to a cleaner, friendlier world for dragons meant building a world where man was no longer wall to wall. A world where they had to learn to survive.

Gardening is essential regardless of my black thumb, lol. Hunting and trapping. I spent hours learning how to build a trap. Hunting is mainly done by bow and arrow. It’s not easy to do either! I took archery lessons and I still suck lol!

I had to find a reasonable way for the population to die. So die they did!

I knew raising rabbits and small game was essential. I just happened to find a blog post by TipsForSurvivalists.com that posted why rabbits are important.  http://tipsforsurvivalists.com/why-rabbits-are-important-to-survival

rabbitThey can be used for food, their pelts can be used, they produce fertilizer 🙂 and they are easy to relocate if you have to move.

They have months they can’t be eaten due to worms (eww!) so dehydrate or can for those months. Remember they breed like rabbits! Oops they are rabbits and there is a reason for that saying! Don’t let them over breed or you might not be able to feed them.

Cute and cuddly they may seem to be, but rabbits could be the difference in your survival if SHTF.

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