Hunting ~ Pros? Cons?

I was the highest bidder in a silent auction for a geese and duck hunting tour package. I never dreamed I’d be the winner.

I like guns. I was a small arms instructor in the US Navy. My favorite was the M-79 Grenade Launcher but the 50 cal machine gun was pretty awesome too! The 12  gauge shotgun was my least favorite. No matter what I did it hurt like heck to fire.

Hunting? I’m famous for inadvertently killing birds with my car. I was up to four and traded the Subaru in. Since then, I’ve managed to avoid killing any more. Deer, now… that’s another story! I’m of two minds if I’ll be able to follow through.

On one hand, I like the taste of duck and I abhor geese. Living where they have been a protected species  for so many years, you get tired of goose poop everywhere, and the ability to use the water that they have declared their own.

Did you know that geese will continue to use the same nesting grounds year after year, generation after generation? My parents’ pond is unusable due to this. If it’s not the geese it is the woodchucks undermining the edge or the snapping turtles and leaches. Yuck.

So, what is your opinion on hunting? None of the birds will go to waste, they will all be eaten or donated to the local food pantry, depending on how many I can manage to shoot. (Hey, they may be too fast for me!)

Yes or No? and why?

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1 Response to Hunting ~ Pros? Cons?

  1. Since you wouldn’t waste the meat I would have to say yes. It is always good to have some extra food around and there is nothing better than food you got or grew yourself.

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