Reuse & Recycle

Do you?

I tend to like to be able to reuse items or recycle them into another use. I’m always checking out DIY websites, Facebook sites and Pinterest to find ways. Material is a no given. It can be recycled so many ways.

My nephew loves a quilt that his mom had that was made from flannel shirts. I know why, too! That was the warmest blanket I’d ever used. I’m working on a quilt made from my old T-shirts. Memories I don’t want to give up that I’ll NEVER fit in again.

More recently I dragged out a trunk of clothes that I’d had in storage for 20 years. YES, 20 years. I have two of them. One for my daughter and one for my son. My daughter had my granddaughter and the trunk was filled with baby clothes.

They are what my granddaughter has been wearing for the first three weeks of her life. According to my daughter they are better made, softer and easier to change the baby in than the new clothes she’d gotten.  As you can see from the picture below, both my daughter and granddaughter wore the same outfit in the hospital when they were born.

My daughter is on the left and my granddaughter is on the right. Two peas in a pod!

My mom saved some of MY dresses and plans on giving them to my daughter. They are still is good shape and wearable. What better way to reuse and share memories in a family?

The trunks I used was plastic and had hinges and a waterproof seal. We moved them across country and to three addresses. They had been in the attic of the garage for most of those years, with bats, mice, chipmunks and various other critters, lol. They were clean and still sealed tight when we opened the trunk.

We will be using the crib we had for our children once a safety kit my daughter told us about arrives. Who knew that they no longer had rails that lowered and those were considered unsafe? Not me!

If felt good to know that the essentials were there for my children’s children. I had to laugh, my daughter is planning to do what I did. Save the clothes for more children and then pass them along to hers when the time is needed.

What better way can you reuse and recycle?

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