How did this happen?

I post a lot about things to build and do to help survive in the case of an emergency. I learn from reading other posts, trying what I can, and things I have done in the past that are applicable to survival. I definitely hope I’ve learned from my mistakes! If all else fails I take classes or find a teacher, hopefully preventing some of those mistakes.

However, that is NOT what I’m going to do today. I’m going to try to answer a question that I get asked during interviews and at conferences, even just doing what I do everyday.

How did you come up with your story?

Inspiration, paranoia and a fascination with the subject. What subject? Well, dragons, really. Survival. The mix of what could be, what is and what could I do to make them real? Fantasy and reality.

Stealing Hope started as I sat and daydreamed.

A woman, jogging towards home, gets a prickle down her neck. Something is coming. She hides on the side of the road in some bushes. She looks around at what was once a great highway, now deteriorated and returning to nature. She sees a shadow fly overhead, circling and searching.

She chokes back a gasp as she spies a dragon flying lower and lower. A brute, scaled and vicious looking, it’s muzzle surrounded by smoke as it skims the surface of the road. She moves stealthily backward only to hear the crack of a twig beneath her foot.

The dragon’s eye turns to her and blazes triumphantly as he snatches her into the sky.

Would this be the day she died?

SpottedNow, it’s changed dramatically. This idea formed and coalesced into Stealing Hope. The dragons aren’t nearly as nasty as this portrays, at least to my mind. But this picture, this image that I could see in my mind inspired me.




Stealing Hope A Dragon’s Fated Heart

Coming Soon to Ardent Books 2015

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I'm an author but I can only talk about me so much! So 5 out of 7 days I feature other romance books and 1 out of 7, I post sales. I usually reserve only one day for myself.
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