Stealing Hope ~ A Dragon’s Fated Heart book one

Stealing Hope

Ari and Hope ignite desires hotter than dragon flame as their mating sparks a conflagration and changes Hope into the dragoness of Ari’s dreams.

The rumbling of the volcano wakes Ari up facing a changed world. He and his siblings embark on a journey to find their fated mates. It is Ari who feels the first call, drawing him toward the one woman fated to be his.

His instincts takes him north showing him the changes over the past few centuries. Mankind has been decimated through disease and war. The earth is once again green and growing. The technology humans depended upon was now gone making it once again safe for dragons to roam the world.

Hope is out looking for her sister when she is injured. Attacked by wild dogs and minutes away from being a cougar’s meal when she is snatched into the sky by a creature that can’t be real. Dragons are only myth. Hope injures it only to fall into a lake when the creature drops her.

Hope is rescued by a naked man when she surfaces. She begs him to take her home, but their attraction is instant and unstoppable. The heat between them sparks a conflagration neither expected. Passion explodes, igniting fires hotter than dragon flame, changing both lives forever. Ari reveals to Hope that he is a dragon and Hope has to deal with her new reality as a dragoness.

Ari and Hope’s lives were fated to be intertwined, but will her family see it that way? Will she?

Here’s a peek at the beginning of the new first chapter.

The sky began to darken. The rumbles beneath the earth began, slowly. No one realized how connected the rumbles were, not even the dragons. They had hibernated for years. The world had become too dangerous, man taking over the skies where once the dragons ruled.

Dax and his mate Jasima felt the change in the world. Attuned to the earth, they woke when the volcanoes began once again to speak to the sky. Each wound of the earth was felt, the pain pouring out in lava and smoke. The hatchlings stirred, but settled back down. Only one crept to see, their little warrior, Crag. Leaving their hatchlings behind, they went out to explore.

The haze of fire and smoke from the eruptions filled the sky. Dax and Jasima drifted through the haze of the eruptions. They could fly in the smoke and lava flung into the air. Manmade objects could not. They stayed hidden in the smoke as they watched a long silver plane go down, spitting fire as it met the earth. They flew, and realized that the airplanes had stopped attempting to fly. They spread their wings in joy as they traveled to look at what was happening.

Intermittently, the Rocky Mountains spouted long dormant volcanoes, belching reluctantly into the sky, Earth rejecting the abuse of man. The warmth called to them, letting them warm up each night as they continued to explore. Needing to learn more, they landed in what was now a deserted town. Up close, the scent of death infiltrated the air.

“Do you want to explore?” Dax rumbled.

“Yes. Let’s. Our children will one day need to know.”

Slipping into a deserted store front, they gathered clothes and quickly dressed. Heading out, they saw small signs of life. Dogs ran loose, barking in confusion, anger and hunger. They instinctively knew to avoid the larger predator in their midst. Of the humans, they saw nothing. Walking, they found what could only be a public watering hole, a pub, or as the sign said ‘Sports Bar & Grill’. Not sure what that was, Dax led the way in. The scent of alcohol and the set up assured him he was correct. Televisions were still on though no one was around. He sat Jasima down before taking a seat. They watched the news as it poured forth from the television.

The news coverage wasn’t encouraging. FEMA declared natural disasters up and down the pacific coast, in states that ran along the eastern spine of the Rocky Mountains. The Northern Continent from Canada to Mexico crumbled into isolated communities.

The government blamed the mid-east. Missiles launched in the dead of night hit targets at random or so they believed, until the consequences became clear. It was believed that one such strike sparked the initiating factor. A missile fired into the San Andreas Fault line, another into the quieted Mount Saint Helen’s, strikes up and down the Rockies.
The strike had targeted not only the mountain range, but also random targets across the United States. Large cities were devastated in an instant. Small towns, not on any maps were hit. Tiny insignificant towns except to those who lived there, until the sickness started.

“So that is what woke us up.”

“Do you think we’ll be susceptible to the sickness?”

“I don’t know. Dragons survived the plague. We’ve lived through many of the diseases that have killed man before.”

“So we should be all right. Our children should be all right.”

“We need to learn more.” Dax gestured to television. “Let’s see what they have to say.”

They continued to watch, aware that there was no trace of humans left other than the decay emanating from many of the buildings in town, learning more of the story.

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