Making Your Own Baby Food

Maybe just a bit of a digression from my normal posts! My first grandchild is due soon and I’ve been checking out youtube. For my children I made almost all of my own baby food for my children. Fruits, vegetables and juices. I had a juicer and my children drank the juice and the left over fruit and vegetable pulp, I made into baby food.

I had really healthy children! Neither of my children ever had ear infections despite the fact that my son didn’t have breast milk beyond his first few days. My daughter was breast fed though. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. If I had known, I’d have just fed him breast milk through a bottle but that option hadn’t even been mentioned by my midwife or doctor. This was over 20 years ago.

I used fresh fruits and vegetables but they were readily available in California where we lived at the time. The best ones would be home grown as you know exactly what has come into contact with them. I know it’s not always possible. Fresh are best. In a pinch I suppose you could use frozen but I’m not sure if the nutrients are still as good as fresh.

Here are a couple of videos for preparing your own baby food. Simple easier and it takes only as much time as it does to go to the store while dragging a screaming child with, LOL.

Here is one for fruit puree’s with rice cereal as they get just a bit bigger.

Here is how to make apple puree.

Bananas are a wonderful food for babies. They can be mashed without cooking. Bananas can give your baby constipation. I solved this by mixing apple puree with the bananas. Eliminating the elimination problem. Apples make your baby poop and if you feed them apples exclusively you run the risk of them getting diarrhea. Bananas stop them up so mixing them, or serving them at different meals keeps your baby healthy.

Here is a video on baby’s first four foods.

Making baby food may seem a bit off topic, but I try to research every aspect of how life could be if the worst happened. All of the preparation can be done without fancy equipment. After all, life wouldn’t go on without babies!
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