Characteristics of Dragons ~ Welcome to my world

Scales, they sound hard, but really dragon scales are smooth and warm to the touch. Provided of course that you stroke them in the correct direction. Stroke them wrong and watch your blood drip off of their scales.

Make sure you don’t scream or they may think you’re prey!

Don’t bother to try to burn them. Dragons love the heat. Especially the fire dragons. Fire only shines their scales. Watch them play. You may think they are fighting as they shoot flames at each other in the sky, but that’s not so.

Dragon1Well, for the most part. Usually however, especially in a family group, it is play. Nothing is better for their scales than to be cleansed by fire!

Dragons can be affectionate to those they hold dear. Beware if you are their enemy. Dragons are relentless.

There are many types of dragons. Generally those who don’t know that think there are two, Chinese and European. Those are general classifications. There are Water Dragons, Fire Dragons, Snow Dragons, Earth Dragons, Air Dragons and many more. Their secretive natures don’t allow for much study. They have hidden from man as technology has advanced.

But, once man manages to destroy himself dragons will once again rule the skies.

Welcome to my world.

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