Starting a garden: Breaking your dependence ~ #StealingHope

I realize that not everyone has room for a garden. Some people (me included!) try but are not successful. Each year I try to find garden plants that grow. I’m not sure what is wrong with my soil but when the trees die, the ground can’t be healthy. I’m seriously considering container gardening while I try to change the soil in my yard, adding nutrients that can be found naturally. I can’t list them, I’m doing my research still. Though I do add manure despite the horrible smell to this city girl’s nose!

I’ve decided to start mulching this spring. I’ve been checking out how to do this and my preferred method is using pallets to start. However, I’ve been unable to get any as they are constantly reused where I live. So I’ll either use a trashcan or purchase a premade one. The cost of purchasing one is expensive, but some of them fit in a small space so might not be a bad idea if you only have a small plot of land. Mulching will definitely improve my soil. Unfortunately, that won’t help this year.

Containers on the other hand can be done. Here are a few plants that take well to container gardening:

Tomatoes, Beans, Peppers, Lettuce, Cabbage, Carrots, Turnips, Onions, Garlic, Radishes, Potatoes and many herbs.

I couldn’t find the original post, but here is an example of carrots growing in a two liter bottle

I’m a big fan of Pinterest and an interesting way to plant things like carrots, parsnips and green onions is to use a 2 liter soda bottle. Make sure there is drainage so you don’t rot the roots. You can watch them grow in the clear bottles. It makes an interesting project to get children interested in gardening also as they can check the progress.

If you’re a late starter like me, you’ll end up buying seedlings as March is too late to start them where I live in Wisconsin. Our growing season is not long enough for many of the plants to grow and produce if they are not started in January. Believe me, I know. There is nothing worse than seeing young vegetables die when the first frost comes because the season is not long enough. Container gardening would give me the option of moving them indoors when the weather turns cold. With the rising cost of food, a garden can really help fight expenses.

Bailey’s up to more mischief

Many types of lettuce and edible greenery can be grown year round. One of the projects I’ve done in past years is a ‘salad bowl’. Lettuce and spicy greenery and spinach grown in a large pot. Harvest it for salads throughout the year. I had mine as a growing a centerpiece in my dining room. It worked wonderful until my daughter brought home a kitten and he decided he would make this his bed!

I’ve always been interested in gardening, growing up with gardens most of my life. However, I used what I knew to figure out ways my characters in Stealing Hope would have managed to survive over the years. Families growing closer and working together to survive. Container gardening and working the land are a big part of survival. Hope’s family came together to survive and flourish.

Of course, I do take a bit of writer’s imagination to help. Not to mention that as far as I know, dragons are not real. As far as we know.

WPSHbuttonStealing Hope A Dragon’s Fated Heart

Technology is but a distant memory, a legend. Another legend awakens on an erotic hunt, hungry for the human fated to complete this dragon’s soul.

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