Paranormal Love #StealingHope

paranormal love wednesdays 2-1

Stealing Hope ~ Coming soon to Ardent Books

“Yuck.” A sniff and a chuckle had Hope looking up. Her eyes were blurry from the fall into the water plus the rushing of the wind in her eyes as she fell. Staring down at her were two men. Both dark haired and looking amused though one was favoring his hand as he wrapped a bandage around it. She turned her head. The dead cat lay further away. Hope couldn’t help thinking that would have been her if it wasn’t for the water. She blinked, trying to clear her eyes.

“What were they?” Hope’s voice was rough, her throat sore. The men looked at each other amused.

“What were what?” The one without the bandage spoke.

“Those things, the giant bird thing that dropped me, what were they?” The one without the bandage laughed.

“Ari, what were those bird things?” The amusement in his voice had Hope glaring at him. She didn’t appreciate being mocked. “I didn’t see any bird things.”

The one called Ari smiled at the other. “Crag, you’re pissing her off.” He showed his injured hand to him. “Believe me, you don’t want her upset.” Hope frowned in confusion. She was obviously missing something here. Her sight was still blurry and the dusk kept her from getting a good look at them.

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