Paranormal Love Wednesdays

paranormal love wednesdays 2-1


Here’s an unedited peek at Stealing Hope

Ari and his siblings looked at each other and nodded. On occasion he and Crag had snuck out and closer to the surface, curious. But in the past few centuries nothing had called to them, nothing as exciting as the lure of gold to add to their stashes, as fun as digging raw gems from the earth. Now Ari could feel an insistent pull towards the north. Crag was sneaking similar peeks in that direction. Together they would explore like they had as hatchlings.

“You all feel a pull.” They nodded at their dam’s words. “This happens when your mate is born. Follow the directions where your heart pulls you. They might have years to go to be ready for you, so acquaint yourselves with the world around you.” She proudly gazed at them.

“Be cautious. Be careful. Your mates will need you strong and brave in this world. You must fit in to survive.” They nodded, taking his words to heart. Their sire cast a look, THE look in Ari and Crag’s direction. “You two. Behave.” Ari and Crag’s eyes whirled in amusement as their dam shook her head.


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I'm an author but I can only talk about me so much! So 5 out of 7 days I feature other romance books and 1 out of 7, I post sales. I usually reserve only one day for myself.
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