Minute Zero #Tour and #Giveaway

Minute Zero
Stronghold Book 1
by Chris Jayne
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Thriller
When the world ends in a heartbeat, suddenly old secrets don’t matter anymore. But new ones still do, and protecting the ones you love is the only thing that still matters.
Two sisters, one a trendy caterer on the run from a vicious killer, the other a country midwife…
Because of a simple mistake, Lori Dovner must flee from the vicious mafioso Raoul Saldata, and her life goes from routine to a terrifying journey with an uncertain outcome in a single moment. On the road with her two children, her only goal is to get to her sister’s Montana farm alive. But both Lori and Louise have been hiding a secret for years.
Two brothers, one a Navy Seal on leave, the other a good man who wants to do right by his family…
Deacon Hale is taking two weeks to help his brother Roger and his wife Louise on their remote Montana farm. He loved Lori once, but has finally put her behind him. Roger Hale just wants to give his pregnant wife and two young children a good life. He has no idea the about the secrets that have been kept from him for years.
Dangerous identity…
Angela Jones is an FBI agent with a terrible debt that she knows she will someday have to pay. And when Raoul Saldata calls in that debt is called in she has no choice but to comply.
Evil incarnate…
Raoul Saldata as a child in Albania, would pretend he was a dhampir, the child resulting from the mating between a human female and a vampire. That was a myth of course, but the evil Saldata practices is anything but. And when he finds Lori Dovner, he intends to do a lot more than just kill her.
Minute Zero” Stronghold: Book One is a thriller (with a touch of romance) about an ordinary family struggling to stay safe and find each other in the face of insurmountable odds, an abysmal loss of life and the dawn of a new, post-apocalyptic dark age.
Could it happen? Would you survive?
Chris Jayne is author of the apocalyptic EMP series “Stronghold.”
Jayne is also the penname of a USA Today bestselling romance and thriller author who is has started asking “what if?” What if the lights go off? What if the food supply chain just… stops? The world could become an unfriendly place in a hurry.
Three years ago, Chris began exploring the “prepper” lifestyle, and hopes that if TEOTWAWKI would actually happen, she would be in a position to protect her family and loved ones.
She now spends her days splitting her time between her romance writing and her apocalyptic and dystopian fiction novels. Because what’s more fun than imagining the end of the world from the comfort of your couch? And if the end of the world has a few sexy Navy Seals in it? All the better!
She loves writing stories exploring how ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances, especially situations where the normal comforts, conveniences, and rules are stripped away.
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!
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So Sore!

I did a final sand and seal of the floor upstairs. I know, I’m dragging this out, lol. But I went up and checked the floors and they were not as smooth as I’d liked. So I took the hand sander and 150 grit sandpaper and went to work. An hour and a half later the final sanding was done.

It took longer to get the loose detritus off the floor than to sand it! Not even the dryvac worked. I ended up getting a sponge mop, and went over the floors. Once it dried, I was able to take a towel and wipe it all up. No damage to the floors at all. Then I poured the polyurethane over the floors and spread it out.

The floors look spectacular!

The first picture, the poly is still a little wet, I did a semi gloss on the floors. The second is once it dried. Not enough to start moving furniture in, but a good beginning.

I had to touch up a couple of spots, but other than that, it turned out wonderful. Now I need a drywaller to finish up the wall separating the bedrooms, paint the bedroom and add the trim. I love the one inch boards. There are a few spots where the sander got out of hand, but overall I think they look great.

The total cost to refinish two rooms and the hallway ran about $600. My brother had someone do one of his rooms a couple of years ago and it cost him that then. I’d hate to imagine what it would have cost to have someone do them for me.

Of course, they would have been done a lot sooner. And my body wouldn’t ache, lol. It hurts to move and I’m walking like I’m ninety years old. Every bit of me is sore!

But I’d do it again rather than have someone come in.

Now I have to decide what to do about the last bedroom. My granddaughter asked for carpeting so she could play on it. I have to decide on carpet squares, or having someone come in and carpet it.

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Do you really think it happens in threes?

This has not been a good week. On Monday we found out a friend had passed away. Dropped in his front yard. He was 61. We were part of the military honors at the burial on Thursday.

On Tuesday I found out my uncle passed away. He was 60. He had been ill for a while. Heart trouble, dementia and at the end he was diagnosed with covid. I’m sure it will be listed as a covid death, but he’d been failing long before he caught that.

I’m praying I don’t have a third death or a friend or family member.

I’m counting the death of my corn and zucchini. Something, and you know what it is, ate every growing cob.

Then went on and ate from the leaf to the ground to decimate my zucchini plants.

I’ve pretty much given up on getting any tomatoes. A hint of red has them gnawed on like the darn things are candy! Perhaps to squirrels and chipmunks they are.

The watermelon have been disappearing when they reach the size of walnuts. Won’t those critters be surprised when they eat them! Of course, they have been sampling. The couple of watermelons that have survived all have teeth marks. I guess they wanted to get them while they could carry them!

BTW, my floors are still curing. We’ll be putting out the furniture this week. And getting rid of unnecessary stuff.

Ups and downs, this week. Facing mortality and hoping this is the end of it. I’d gladly sacrifice my veggies to keep my family and friends around!

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My new project! #Refinishing my Floors

This week has been crazy! I started sanding my upstairs this past week. I rented a sander to do the main part. Two rooms and a hallway. Eight hours of sanding later, the main sections were done. Then I used a belt sander the next two days to get the edges. Then I used a palm sander to get the darn corners the other two couldn’t reach.

It’s not perfect by any means! But over all it looks so much better! Here are some shots. My floors hadn’t been done in over twenty seven years. I know, that is how long we’ve lived here. In a house that was listed at 99+ years when we bought it! I’d be shocked if they had been done before.

These first two are the before pictures.

This one shows the difference in the partial sanding compared to the original floor.

The next two photos show the floors sanded with the exception of some of the edges. But the trim I need to put in will hide that!

The last three are shown with the sanding done, stain on and polyurethane completed. So much better than the first picture!

My floors are a beautiful one inch maple. Hard to find any more! They are beautiful, though I can see where I made a few boo boos! I doubt many would find them, but I’m always harder on myself!

We’ll leave the floors to cure through part of next week before we start putting furniture on them. I’m excited! We bought a new bed for ours. The other one we had will go in the room my granddaughter uses when she comes for a sleep over.

The third bedroom will be turned into an office/sewing/craft room for me!!!

I do need a spot to put all four of my sewing machines! And a private spot to get some writing done. I’m looking forward to putting it all together. I can finally get my books going again.

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A quick post for a Post-Apocalyptic thriller!

Number 367

By Sara Deray

Buy from Amazon

Joining Manifest could be the cure for Gavin’s fears.

If it doesn’t get him killed first.

The world inside Gavin Brady’s head is a strange place. The pros? He can tell what an item is made from by touch or sight alone. He doesn’t know how, only that it’s damn useful.

The cons? His life is consumed by his fear of Mods, a fraction of humanity that mutate at puberty, becoming stronger, tougher, and more resilient, gaining advanced senses and accelerated healing.

They began to appear at the same time humanity moved from their open cities under the sky into the domes, protecting them from the harsh changes of Earth’s unstable environment. Many humans have since come to accept Mods as a part of life, but Gavin wishes for nothing more than to live in a world without them.

There are horrors in Gavin’s past, traumatic memories all but sealed away from a childhood he barely survived. All he knows for sure are two things:

A Mod was responsible.

No Mod can be trusted.

Given the chance to join Manifest, a mercenary agency promising him a change from his dead-end job and a possible cure for the fear keeping him bound to the past, Gavin would be a fool to turn it down.

The one part of his contract he can’t stand? It comes with a Mod partner. No exceptions.

But can he ever learn to work with Zach, whose animosity toward humans is the only thing stronger than Gavin’s fear? Or will this new partner be the final straw that sends Gavin back to the psych ward?

I found this had popped up in my email and thought I’d share. As you know, I keep an eye on post apocalyptic books, to try to keep mine fresh. This looks interesting! Check it out for the next couple of days because rumor is it will be going free for a short period of time. I don’t think I missed it, but you never know!

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It Gives You Strength ~ #BookTour #Giveaway

It Gives You Strength
by Philip Raymond Brown
Genre: SciFi Fantasy
A mashup of Science Fiction, Historical Fiction and Fantasy, set in New York during prohibition, the characters interact with actual historic figures, including mobster Jack “Legs” Diamond, heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey, and World War heroine Edith Cavell.
The story follow an alien anthropologist, Tashan Zho, on a rescue mission to the distant planet Earth in 1926. Zho, is transported into the dying body of bootlegger Ryan Costello. Immediately following his death, Costello’s body is reanimated by the alien. Unfortunately, Zho’s new “host body” is so damaged from a decade of alcohol abuse that the alien’s memory and vital files are corrupted. All that remains of Zho’s mission plan is one phrase: “Find the one called Mike Kelly.”
Complicating matters, the alien soon discovers that Kelly is, himself, the leader of a criminal gang of World War veterans, who are battling mobster Jack “Legs” Diamond for control of the lucrative Canada/New York rum-running market. Upon recognizing Costello’s enhanced abilities and physical strength, Kelly forces the alien into the mob. Since Kelly is his only chance of discovering and completing his mission, the alien agrees. Costello soon recalls his critical task – to free an alien child from the Craig Colony, which they interpret to be a prison camp, before his home world, Dagan, dispatches its “rescue armada.” A force so massive and clumsy that its mere entry into the Earth’s atmosphere would devastate the planet.
By setting part of the plot in the Craig Colony, a little-known state institution in which patients with seizure disorders were essentially warehoused, the novel raises awareness of the human rights violations that occurred there.
Philip Raymond Brown lives in Colorado with his fabulous wife, four beautiful children, and two good dogs. He has a B.A. in History and Political Science from Le Moyne College and a J.D. from Washington & Lee University School of Law.
His debut novel IT GIVES YOU STRENGTH launches the week of August 17, 2020. It is a mashup of science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy set in prohibition-era New York. For more about the novel, see the description above. The yet-untitled sequel to STRENGTH will be released in the Spring of 2021.
Writing fiction is Philip’s lifelong dream, and is his second career. In 2017, he walked away from a highly successful career as a trial attorney to pursue this dream. While writing STRENGTH, he devoted his time to his family, coaching little league and youth basketball. This year, while his heroic wife, the fabulous Dr. Sarah Brown, was on the front lines of the battle against COVID 19, Philip was homeschooling their four children.
As a trial attorney, he received numerous accolades, including being named to Best Lawyers in America, attaining the highest ethical/ability peer review rating (“AV”) in Martindale-Hubbell, and being listed in Super Lawyers. Among his legal achievements, he is likely the only attorney in America to have received trial verdicts against New York City and Honolulu in separate cases for Civil Rights violations by their police. He currently has a screenplay in development about one such case.
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Something New! and more #gardening news.

Today I’m trying canning. My main problem is that everyone seems to be sold out of the canning lids. I’m waiting on the hubby to finish his shower so we can road trip hunting for supplies!

Fleet Farm had 2 bags of canning salt left. I’ve tons of jars, but only 4 lids. Yikes! I have 18 pounds of corn and 50 pounds of beans to can. (Kiwanis had a fund raiser) I have very little freezer room, so I can’t freeze them.

I have only canned once before in my life, but I really don’t trust the world the way it is going. I’m stocking up to make sure my family is in good shape.

You saw the picture of my freezer! Since it is just the two of us, that will take a while to go through. Of course my daughter calls for meat rather than go shopping for it, lol. That’s fine. They are still getting used to making house payments, utility bills and everything that goes along with owning a house.

Me, I got about 4 meals from all those beans, but they are growing again so I should get more. I’ve at least a pint of cherry tomatoes to pick today. Four watermelon are growing, but the birds have been eating my tomatoes as soon as they are ripe! Even if they are tiny.

20200731_115011I also have a few jalapeno peppers ready I need to get in. I notice nothing is eating them.

One of my stalks of corn had something with claws shred one of my stalks of corn and eat the itty bitty corn cob. Yikes!

The sunflowers and over nine feet tall and beginning to bloom. This was a picture from yesterday. Today, the two on the right are fully open. Even my granddaughter is blooming, lol.

20200806_122018The rest of the stuff is flowering and hopefully will sprout vegetables soon!


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Sorrowfish #BookTour & #Giveaway

The Call of the Lorica Book 1
by Anne C. Miles
Genre: Fantasy
Two Worlds. One Fate.
A bard. A wizard…and a college student from Kentucky.
Sara Moore is having crazy dreams. Gryphon and dragon crazy.
The scary part? Waking up, with scratches and splinters. Is she losing it because of stress? Her twin sister is in a coma. One more unfinished sculpture will fully tank her grades. Goodbye bachelor’s degree, hello failure.
It’s enough to make anyone sleepwalk.
Choosing to defy the Conclave, Trystan risks capture and mind control to find a magical lute through a shadow network. Dane meets a sinister stranger and barely escapes with his life. Together, guided by a fae only known as Sara, they will end an ancient curse…or die trying.
“A richly conceived fantasy with a grand emotional payoff.” -Kirkus Reviews
Book Trailer
Anne C. Miles, an award-winning author, was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois in 1971. She successfully avoided writing fiction for years by blogging and extensive journaling. However, one day, she logged into a writing site and scribbled. She kept going, and now cannot stop. Her book, Sorrowfish, was named Best Fantasy of 2019 by Indies Today. A chapter within the second book (not yet published) won an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future contest in 2020.
Anne designs and builds websites with her husband and enjoys video games. She was confirmed in the Anglican Church (ACNA, High Anglican) in 2016. When Anne isn’t working or writing, she plays violin badly and spoils her grandchildren.
She is hard at work on the next book of her series, The Call of the Lorica.

$25 Amazon

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!


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Learning! #Gardenfails

So, my tomatoes are doing terribly. They are wilting and nothing seems to bring them back. I’ve checked the soil. It’s not too damp and not too dry. I’ve feed them. I’ve worked egg shells into the soil. Nothing is working. When I look up what can cause it, it seems like it is the heat. I’ve trimmed many of them. Some still are wilty, but a couple have come back. I’ve no clue how my yield will be.

I go to the farmers market and get depressed, lol. Produce is rolling in and mine is flowering, but other than small green tomatoes, nothing has produced. I’m sure most of them use green houses. I did, but I wonder if I didn’t leave them in there long enough.

Though, the tomato plants I kept in the house in the window are smaller than the ones I have in my garden and are from the same group. But they look stronger and have a ton of blossoms. I know because I planted them at my daughters home. I check on them every time I go over.

My zucchini are full of blossoms, my watermelon are showing lovely yellow flowers. Radishes, beats, and turnips seem to be doing well along with my butternut squash and pumpkins. I even found my first watermelon!


My green peppers have started getting peppers which is good.

My swiss chard sprouted but haven’t grown much. My parsnips are non-existent. I’ll have to try sprouting them in a paper towel like I was told. Maybe that would help.

My corn is doing great! One of the stalks even has its topper on it! I did a garden dance when I saw it. The clover seems to grow overnight no matter how much I pull it. I wonder if clover is good for anything?


My snap peas have gone after a couple of harvests. I won’t grow them next year. We really don’t eat enough of them. I’ll try normal peas next year. Something we’d eat.

My beans are wild! Most of them grew to a foot long! I’ve done two harvests of them and expect one more, but the plants are dying. I have them in the front and they shouldn’t have all day sun. My bad! I planted 13 plants and it made, so far, 4 meals. If I put them in back next year where they have sun and shade, and double or triple the amount of plants, I should get a yield that will keep us in beans over the winter. Not eating them for every meal, of course!


Crazy long! It didn’t take many to make a meal for two people. I didn’t even realize they were beans at first!

My broccoli is sad. It is growing but the bundles from 6 plants wouldn’t even make a meal. So far no cauliflower has manifested. I’m thinking because the zucchini is hogging, well, everything. It shadows over the cauliflower, stealing all it’s light.

My pumpkins plants seem to be going good. I lost some and am left with seven plants, but they have really sprouted in the last week.

I’m learning a lot about what to and not to do. My dad said I need to spread out my tomatoes more and maybe that is the problem. I’ll find out next year.

My cherry tomato plant is a monster though, and loaded with tomatoes. They are just starting to turn red, too.


I couldn’t even get the whole plant in the picture. It’s a spoiled monster, lol. It wilted every time I took it out of the greenhouse so I just left it in there.

I don’t know that I’ll plant broccoli and cauliflower next year. I need to find out what I’m doing wrong.

My cabbage is starting to ball, so that’s great. And my black raspberries have been doing killer. I’ve gotten about 3 pints from them. My granddaughter’s eaten 2 of them, lol. Better than them going to waste. Jam uses too much sugar and I’m diabetic, so not worth making for me. I’ll keep my sweets natural. (chocolate is natural, right?)

Milkweed grew out front and I didn’t kill it. It sprouted in the middle of my lawn. We used to have a whole bunch on the side of the house, but they disappeared over the years. I mowed around them. I was rewarded with monarch butterflies! Milkweed is their only food. I don’t want to see any species die out and if I can help in any small way, I will try. Even if my yard looks crazy.

I still spend and hour or two everyday working on them. It keeps me occupied and happy to be outside.

I hope your gardens are doing better than mine! Let me know! Any hints on broccoli and cauliflower would be great!


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#ReleaseBlitz ~ Take Two A collection of Second Chance Stories

Title: Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories
Writers On The River Charity Anthology
Second Chance Romance
Release Date: July 18, 2020
Cover Designer: J M Walker with Just Write. Creation and Services.
Image Donated By: Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography
Model: Jon Salvador
Hosted by:
Buoni Amici Press, LLC.

A huge thank you to Eric McKinney, Jon Salvador, and JM Walker!
The image was donated by Eric McKinney of 6:12 Photography.


Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories
Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories is an anthology of from the authors of Writers on the River. Love and life get another chance in these tales that will warm your heart and make you fall in love again.
The proceeds of this anthology will go to Thistle Farms, a non-profit organization located in Nashville, Tennessee that helps women survivors of violence, sex trafficking, prostitution and addiction.
Some stories guaranteed are by the following authors with many more authors joining mission:


Tweet: Love & life get another chance in these tales that will warm your heart & make you fall in love again. purchase Take Two Today!! @Amazon https://ctt.ec/6g2R_+ #WOTR20 #thistlefarms #secondchance #BAPpr

Learn more about Writers on the River below!


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