What a week! #renovations

This has been a busy week! I had my counters installed on Monday.

Hood vent and faucet installed on Tuesday.

Pest Control came out on Wednesday.

Thursday was my second covid shot. Friday the shot sent me to bed to recover. Ugh. I’m better now!

Friday my back splash started going in and my son showed up out of the blue for a week visiting.

So, here’s the pictures! My kitchen is coming along great.

Interestingly enough, the photos I posted of me getting my covid shot have disappeared off all of my media. I had it on Instagram and Facebook. It is now no where to be found. Huh.

I also refinished a chair for my desk! How could I forget?

I picked up a pair of chairs on Facebook for $5 bucks. The material, enough to do both chairs was $7. So for $12 I got a sweet pair of chairs! I’m going to stain the desk a little darker to match the chair better. Easier than sanding down and staining the chair!

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Those Who Survived #Tour #Giveaway #Dystopian

My Tether
Those Who Survived Book 3
by Beth D. Carter
Genre: Dystopian Erotic Romance
A virus has ravaged the human population.
Neriah Warren lives within the Amish community but not even her faith can protect the people she loves. When her mother shows signs of the fatal sickness, there is nothing left for Neriah. She heads north to find the family she’s never met, not knowing if there is anyone left to find.
Jesse Krider was incarcerated for killing one of the men who raped his sister. He was supposed to rot in prison but now that the end of the world is upon them, he’s free. His plan involved vengeance, but when he’s wounded, fate steps in and leads him to Neriah’s healing touch.
Stuck in a blizzard, they learn to trust one another through the long Canadian winter. Neriah may be too good for him, but as each day passes, Jesse discovers she just might be the tether that saves his soul.
Believe In Me
Those Who Survived Book 2
The world has been devastated by a virus, leaving only the strong to survive…
All of her life, Kerigan LaRoux has had visions of the immediate future. Her dreams are of one man, Hyde Galloway, and a vision that draws her to San Francisco. She finds him wounded, in the middle of a gang war. She hides him and treats his wound.
Although he is suspicious of her, he tells her he’s trying to catch a boat to Canada where the world is starting over. Much to his annoyance, she tags along. At first he doesn’t believe in her visions but little by little she wins him over.
They race against time, trying to save a colony of survivors from the gangs who want slaves. But can Kerigan save the man she loves, the innocent lives waiting for salvation, as well as herself?
Come With Me
Those Who Survived Book 1
Lainey is one of the few who survived the virus that ravaged the human population. In order to remain safe, she stays away from people, preferring to live on her own. Not trusting anyone. Until one night she’s attacked and rescued by a stranger who insists that there’s still good in the world.
Nolan has a fantastical story of a new civilization in Canada, and urges her to go with him. Lainey doesn’t know if she believes him or not, but the unknown is enough to scare her away. Yet day after day he slowly breaks down her walls, opening her up to the possibility that she might be strong enough to take a chance not only on him, but herself as well.
I began reading my mom’s Harlequin Presents in the fifth grade, and from the first story I knew I wanted to write romance novels. I like writing about the very ordinary girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, so my heroines will probably never be lawyers, doctors or corporate highrollers. I try to write characters who aren’t cookie cutters and push myself to write complicated situations that I have no idea how to resolve, forcing me to think outside the box.
I love writing characters who are real, complex and full of flaws, heroes and heroines who find redemption through love.
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!
$10 Amazon
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A new #project!

I’m still waiting on my kitchen to be finished! Mad City Windows/Roofing/Whatever (They have a lot of branching) told me 7 to 10 days and they would have the materials to finish since somehow the ordering didn’t process properly. After 16 days I called back. Thank goodness! The manager in charge of my project quit and Mad City sent out a new rep (Mike) to go over what hadn’t been completed yet. Materials had to be reordered so Mike is hopefully on top of that. He just came out this past week.

On the 5th, our countertops are being installed. I’m so excited! I’m signing a contract for our backsplash to be installed. The tiler is coming out Monday with the contract. The plumber is coming the 6th to install our new faucet. Hopefully the backsplash will be installed that week also, Wednesday or Thursday. He said it should only be a one, possibly two day job.

Oh, here is the backsplash going in, except it will be upside down from this picture. (So it looks like dragon scales!)

Since I have people working on my kitchen project, I’m doing a table for my office. I’ll be using it as a desk until my parents kindly and after much begging on my part, lol, give me the desk I used as a kid. Or the one my great grandfather build. I’d take either. Pretty sure my dad would like to get rid of the one my ggf built as my mom has it sitting in the middle of the living room. But I’d take either, though my preference is for the one I used when I was in high school. A beautiful carved mahogany desk. Gorgeous. They haven’t said which one, but I can hope! The one my ggf built is a beautiful desk also, just a bit more masculine.

I’ve always wanted to do a project with an old treadle sewing machine. So now I am! This is as far as I am. The weather hit in the high 50’s low 60’s so I took advantage and primed the cast iron treadle base. It will be a dark mustard color when I’m done.

I would be further along, but we had three days of rain and even though today was sunnyish, it was only 30 degrees. You just can’t paint in that kind of weather!

I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the curved part you see below. It was attached to the back of the sewing cabinet. I’m planning on just a top.

The top is 2 foot by 3 foot. I’ve got it stained and one side is polyurethaned but turned out really rough. I’ve got to sand it down. The side you see below is the side that only has stain on it. It’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. But not the side I want to use because of the lines faded into the wood. Once I sand the other side down, I’ll try to seal it again. If it still is rough, I’ll use this side. Once the table is done, I’ll be using it to hold my embroidery machine and a rough top will snag the fabric.

So everything is at a stand still! I’m waiting on materials to finish the kitchen and weather to finish the table. I did start writing again, so woo hoo! I thought my brain activity was drying up, lol. But obviously I was wrong.

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll have a completed kitchen and table to show off. Have a great week! And if anyone has any suggestions for that cast iron arc on the back of the base, leave them in comments. This will take more than just one brain!

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A Quiet Apocalypse #Tour #Giveaway

A Quiet Apocalypse

by Dave Jeffery

Genre: Dystopian Horror

The end is hear…

A mutant strain of meningitis has wiped out most of mankind. The few who have survived the fever are now deaf.

Bitter with loss and terrified to leave the city known as Cathedral, the inhabitants rely on The Samaritans, search teams sent out into the surrounding countryside. Their purpose, to hunt down and enslave the greatest commodity on Earth, an even smaller group of people immune to the virus, people who can still hear.

People like me.

My name is Chris.

This is my story.

A Quiet Apocalypse is told from the perspective of ex-schoolteacher Chris, a hearing survivor. He has lost everything, including his freedom, and through his eyes we learn of what it is like to live as a slave in this terrible new world of fear and loss. I was keen to write a piece that preyed upon people’s traditional misconceptions of deafness as an illness, and the imposition of ‘hearing’ norms. It is a story that has poignancy in any understanding of the struggles of minority groups.” – Author, Dave Jeffery

Goodreads * Amazon

A Quiet Apocalypse Book 2

CATHEDRAL … The world has changed. So have the rules.

In the silence of a quiet apocalypse, there is Cathedral. It is a city like no other, sanctuary for the survivors of a terrible plague that has deafened the world. The walls protect the small community. Rituals and laws maintain order to prevent a return to chaos.

But Cathedral is a dangerous and complex place. For citizens like Sarah and newcomer Paul it can be either home or prison.

They just have to decide where their loyalties lie…

Goodreads * Amazon

Dave Jeffery is author of 15 novels, two collections, and numerous short stories. His Necropolis Rising series and yeti adventure Frostbite have both featured on the Amazon #1 bestseller list. His YA work features critically acclaimed Beatrice Beecham supernatural mystery series and Finding Jericho, a contemporary mental health novel that was featured on the BBC Health and the Independent Schools Entrance Examination Board’s recommended reading lists. A third edition of this book will be released by Demain Publishing in 2020.

Jeffery is a member of the Society of Authors, British Fantasy Society (where he is a regular book reviewer), and the Horror Writers Association. He is also a registered mental health professional with a BSc (Hons) in Mental Health Studies and a Master of Science Degree in Health Studies.

Jeffery is married with two children and lives in Worcestershire, UK.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!
$20 Amazon
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Black Winter #Tour and #Giveaway

Black Winter
by Beauregard M. NeVille & Cole NeVille
Genre: SciFi Fantasy
In the near future the planet is covered in snow. Nobody knows why. A group of people are living inside a military facility that was designed to be self sustaining and can last forever. So long as the food doesn’t run out. Captain Alec Winter is among the people trying to survive and they will all be tested with the arrival of two strangers and something lurking in the shadows of the storm. Alec will have the fight for his life and everyone that he cares about. He just has to avoid becoming the very thing that threatens everyone’s survival.

Questions and answers for Beauregard.

Where were you born/grew up?

            I was born in Rocksprings Wyoming. Was moved to Utah within days so I never lived in my birth town. Grew up in various parts of Utah from Provo to Brigham City. I consider Brigham City my home since I lived there the longest and that’s where I was living when I graduated from High School and my parents live there still.

What are you passionate about these days?

            Besides my writing and finishing the Black Winter series, I’m passionate about my family. I have 3 boys, ages 9, 7, and 4 with a fourth child on the way. Nothing brings me more joy than spending time with them and seeing them grow. Being a father is the greatest blessing and experience a man can have.

How do you find time to write as a parent?

            It’s challenging. I rarely do the things I enjoy when I can be home with my wife and kids and spend time with them. I get most of my writing done when they are at school and work or even late at night when they are sleeping.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

            When I was in the 8th grade. This is when I really started to write stories down in my notebook at school. By the time I was a senior in high school I knew that writing novels was something I wanted to do.

What inspired you to write this book?

            Truthfully it was a number of things. My family loves all sorts of story formats, whether it be a movie, book or even a video game. When I first started writing the book for the first time in January of 2009, I had a very basic idea. A soldier and his Siberian Husky in a mountain, snowy setting. The more I wrote the more I would take inspiration from many stories I had previously seen or read, and even a couple video games that I had recently played. For starters, the idea of a government facility deep in a mountain I got from Gears of War. The dog with the soldier I got from the cover of Fallout 3. I really didn’t what the story was then. Just small details from other things that I really liked. It took a couple years from that point before Cole and I knew how the first book would really end. Once we had the complete story for Black Winter, the rest of the story was easy.

How did you come up with the title for Black Winter?

            The title didn’t come until several years after we first started working on it. Not until after the story was complete. Originally, Alec Winter was actually Alec Ryker. But as the story was ending, I really like the idea of having the title of the book have a double meaning. So that’s when we decided to change Alec’s last name to Winter. You have this never-ending winter along with a soldier who’s name is Winter and they sort of battle each other throughout the series. The true meaning of the name of the book though you will have to discover as you read the series.

If your book was made into a movie, who would you like to play the lead?

            Originally that was an easy answer. Henry Cavill. I actually had to do a screenplay as an assignment in college that was a lot of fun. Part of the assignment was casting real actors for the roles in the movie. I picked Cavill as Alec Winter because of Cavill’s size and hair color. The only issue was his eye color which was an easy fix with contacts or even CGI. Now that many of the actors that I cast for the characters are all older it would be a little more difficult to pick new ones. I’m looking forward to fans of the book to come up with their own ideas though.

Are any of your characters based off of real people or did they come entirely from your imagination?

             A little bit of both. There are a few characters in the book that are completely based off of real people in terms of their names, and others in terms of how I perceived them as people. Two of my friends have their full names in the book, because of how unique their names are. The character in the book are criminals though so they are very different than the people they are based on. There are other characters in the book that are a complete likeness, only their names are different. For some of those characters they are people that I despised, so I made them into characters that the readers would despise as well. Alec Winter is completely from imagination, but the way he interacts with his dog and his overall voice and how he talks is based off of me. He talks like me and loves his dog as much as I do.

What are your top 10 favorite books or Authors?

            My favorite books are the Eragon books by Christopher Paolini. I’ve read the entire series about ten times and it never gets old for me. In fact, some of my inspiration for the relationship between two characters in Black Winter comes from that series. You’ll have to discover what I’m talking about by reading the book. I don’t want to give any spoilers. I also really loved the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It’s a very long series, but the writing is incredible. I don’t know that I’ll read it again, because of its length, but I’m glad I read it and I would definitely recommend it along with Eragon.

What is your favorite genre to read?

            Oddly enough, Black Winter is a Science Fiction novel, but I don’t actually read much of that genre. I prefer fantasy as you can see with my two favorite authors and book series.

Do you prefer to write in silence or with noise?

            Both. I like it to be quiet, but most of the time I like to listen to music when I write. Different songs help me to feel the mood of a scene I’m trying to write. If it’s really distracting noise though I can’t concentrate. Like if my kids are yelling and fighting, I won’t be able to focus. I could easily sit in front of the tv and write though.

The final thing I’d like to say answers several questions. Writing is very time consuming and requires a lot of dedication. Black Winter took 12 years from start to publication. Mostly the reason why it took so long was due to life getting in the way, writers block or just simply procrastination. The sequels will definitely come out much faster than the first, but mostly they will because we know what the story is. We know exactly where the characters will be at the end of the story and how they will get there. So getting there will be less of a challenge. Plus, now that Black Winter is officially out there for the world to see, the desire to complete the series for everyone that reads it gives me the motivation I need to sit down and put in the time to write the rest of the books.

Questions and answers for Cole.

How did you become an author?

            My path to becoming an author is a little unique. Growing up I loved reading but I hated writing. As I got older I realised not only was I good at writing, I actually started enjoying it. I started working with Beau on his book by helping him with different ideas throughout Black Winter. Finally after years it had turned into as much mine as it was his and I couldn’t be more grateful to share that with Beau.

Do you write one book at a time or do you have several going at once?

            Both. We wrote Black Winter before writing any of the sequels. But as we got deeper into the story we slowly wrote the beginning and end for all of the books. We found that by figuring out different directions we wanted to go with the sequels helped add things into Black Winter.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

            I am a big gamer so once everyone has gone to bed I enjoy starting up my PC and gaming. I have always enjoyed video games but right now I love playing Warzone. I also enjoy sitting down on the couch with my wife and watching a tv show.

What are your top 10 favorite books?

            Top 10 books are a little hard so I will go with my top book series. My favorite book series would have to be Eragon/The Inheritance Cycle. Eragon was the first book that really got me into reading, I also love everything that involves dragons so that helped as well. My second favorite book series is Harry Potter. Harry Potter was a book series that really helped me escape from reality at times when I was a kid and even sometimes still to this day. My third favorite book series is The Ranger’s Apprentice.

Beauregard M NeVille
I was born in Rocksprings Wyoming, but grew up in various parts of Utah, from Provo to Brigham City. By the time I was in 4th grade was when I moved to Brigham and stayed there until after high school and I left to pursue my own life. I’ve always had a love for writing and knew it was what I wanted to do. I also love sports, played most of them throughout school and still try and play basketball when I can. I love the outdoors, going hiking and camping and would spend every day on a lake if I could. I love my family. My wife Amanda is a wonderful, hardworking mother that still manages to be in school, work as a teacher and still provides time for our children. I have three amazing boys, Kaden, Ryder and Maverick. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing them grow and getting to have fun with them. I love dogs and my Dog Mya was my inspiration for the dog in Black Winter. I owe everything I have to my parents for teaching me hard work and the value of a family. I’m forever grateful for the blessings in my life and I look forward to what the future will bring to me and my family.
Cole NeVille
I was born in Brigham City, Utah. I have lived in several states but Utah is my home. Reading and writing has always been a big part of my life. I used reading to escape from a lot of things when I was growing up. I also have played sports my whole life. I grew up playing football and basketball, and still play basketball whenever I can. I love everything outdoors whether it is hiking, camping, golfing, or fishing. Being able to get out into the wildlife and smell the fresh air is something my wife Sarah and I love to share together. We both love dogs and love our dog Kumba.
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!
Signed Copy of Black Winter,
$15 Amazon Gift Card
– 1 winner each!


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More #Renovations

My cabinets are almost done. Two days of work and due to missing materials the guys will be back to finish in about 10 days. They were sent with not enough trim, a missing handle and the laminate for the peninsula was bubbled and wouldn’t stay flat. A new piece had to be reordered. But over all, I’m loving it. Here are the before, during and after pics, minus trim above the sink portion.

Never mind! No before pictures. I can’t believe I didn’t have any on my phone! Almost every other room, but not the kitchen. Huh. Guess I really didn’t like it, lol.

So straight to the during pictures. I snuck in after they left the first day to shoot these.

If you stand in my kitchen in the doorway from the dining room and spin looking to your right, this is my kitchen. The table and the eat in section is filled with stuff. Tools from the guys working on the kitchen, boxes that haven’t been emptied yet. Just stuff.

Now, here are the almost completed cabinets.

We’ll be picking up a new hood vent and installing it.. We’re going out today to get one.
Still need the black trim around the top of the cabinets and the handle on the door in front of the sink
Even the kickplates were done! Missing the quarter round trim on the bottom because the back of the peninsula needs to be done and it was safer to not do that trim until it could be finished all the way around.

LOL. You can see all the boxes in the dining room that hold all of my kitchen stuff. AND ignore the counter tops and floor. Both will be replaced! The new counter top comes April 5 and the floor will probably be next year. It’s ugly but it does the job and I haven’t found anything I really like to replace it yet.

Once the counter tops are in, I’ll be getting a back splash. Not sure if I’ll do it or I’ll hire it out. I guess I’ll see. Depends on how I feel when I finally pick out the black splash. I’ll be heading into Madison to a tile place I like to pick out tile. Nothing at the big box stores strikes my fancy.

Once I measure the floors, I’ll probably poke around the Habitat Restore to see if they have something I like. Sometimes there is awesome stuff, sometimes nothing. You just never know. I might check there for the backsplash, too. Just to see if something catches my eye. Hit or miss there. But so affordable on the budget if you can find what you need.

I’ll be pulling out the tape measure for sure though!

We’re heading out, so have a great week!

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Coming soon a #sneakpeek at my newest story and my mouse wars!

Before I give you the sneak peek, I’ll update you on the mice wars. I’m losing, lol. I put out nine traps and I’ve caught nothing. NOTHING! Not even a whisker. I can only hope the mice moved back outside since the weather is no longer below zero. We’ve been in the twenties and thirties so it is a good possibility they found another food source.

It could be because I’ve sealed up the unnibbled on food. Whatever. Not one mouse! And I know they are here somewhere. Grrr. Lol.

My new cabinets are coming Monday, so I have to finish the clean out of my cabinets. I’m doing good. I have three drawers left to do, three and a half lower cabinets, one upper cabinet and my countertops to clean off. I’m not looking forward to having to eat out over the next few days. Too many carbs send my sugar sky high. I can control my diabetes if I make the food. Eating out? Not so much.

It will all be worth it once my cabinets are in! I’m so excited. Mad City is the company I’m using. They will be putting new soffits on the house too. April 5th my new countertops are being installed. Then we have to sit back and see if we can afford to redo the bathroom or will wait until next year. Especially since I still have to do a backsplash, too.

The floors will wait for another year. I’m afraid I’ll have to redo the whole bottom floor and we might as well do it at once. I’d prefer every room to have the same floor, but I’m still considering tiling the kitchen. It all depends on if I find something I like.

Any how, I’m writing a shipboard romance. Some of the parts actually happened, though names were changed to protect the innocent, haha. Some of the parts are pure fiction. Without further ado, here is a sneak peek at China Fleet Club.

I cocked my head, the sound of laughter drifted down from the helo deck. Squeals and deeper laughter. I sniffed. And the smell of, barbeque?

Today must be Sunday. The days tended to roll, one after the other out at sea. But Sunday was a day for the ship to come together and mingle. Lunch and dinner would be served from giant drums, made into grills, just for days like this. The ingenious minds on board could run a country if they so desired. Luckily, they remained bound to the United States Navy and only created their havoc here.

I wondered if Breeze would be coming out. The desire to see her in her bathing suit, hopefully a bikini, showing off her delightful body overwhelmed me. When had I turned into a letch?

My hands gripped the rails and I took a deep breath. It wasn’t when, it was a who. Shaking my head, I around retracing my steps, heading back to engineering. There was plenty of work to be done, even on a Sunday. And the object of my obsession was working or she wouldn’t have gone down to the Armory. The labyrinth to get down to the machine shop didn’t even trip me up. I’d travelled this path so often I could do it blindfolded.

I could hear my men laughing. A higher pitched voice joining in. I frowned. We didn’t have any females assigned to my shop. I wondered who it was. I stepped over the threshold to find out.

“Who is this?” My words stopped whatever conversation was happening.

A tiny blonde spun my way. “Chief. I’m Seaman Apprentice Evans-Atkinson. I want to become a Machinist Mate.”

My brows shot up. Not many females were interested in our rate. “What do you know about it?”

She shrugged. “You work on keeping the ship running. I want to do that. My dad was an appliance repair man. I helped him all the time growing up. Y’all won’t regret it. I love tinkering and I’m good with tools.”

“What are you now?” If she was a bosun, she was fair game.


“Have you studied anything about us?” If she had, it would be good. Meant she was serious.

“Yup.” She waved toward the couch. “Jensen loaned me his study guide after I mentioned MM looked interesting.”

Hmm. Jensen was going up for second class. Bringing in a new person was a good idea. I glanced at him.

He shot me a grin and shrugged. “She did ask.”

Good answer. I turned back to Evans-Atkinson. “I’ll talk to your chief. See about transferring you.”

A grin split across her face. “Thank you chief! That’s awesome.”

I looked around the shop. Most of the guys were rolling their eyes and smiling. I didn’t see any overt hostility. Once Evans-Atkinson transferred in, I’d keep a closer eye on everyone. I didn’t want this shop turning into a misogynistic nightmare.

She plopped down on the couch, wiggling between Jensen and Evans. Both wore identical grins, not giving an inch. It didn’t matter, she squashed herself right between them and forced them to give.

Oh, Atkinson would fit right in.

I laughed. “Looks like you’ll fit in just fine.” At least I wouldn’t have to worry about berthing. All the women onboard shared a berthing compartment topside. If they made adjustments, moving her from the deck department to the engineering department, it was an internal thing.

A locker on the other hand… “Jensen. See what lockers are available. Evans, take Evans-Atkinson and get a toolbox set up. Tell her what needs to go in it and let her assemble it.” I’d see how well she could identify the tools. A basic necessity in our job.

I sat at my desk, checking out the master log. Hmm, nothing there to keep me busy. I tamped down the lure of sunshine and bikinis, one in particular.

Bits of conversation filtered past my preoccupation.

“Are you heading to steel beach today?” Jensen asked.

I looked up. I saw the girl nod.

“Yup. Some of the boats told me about it, so I grabbed a pool and beach mats in Hawaii. Haven’t had a chance to use them.” She picked up a wrench. “This one, right? A pipe wrench?”

“Yes.” Evans nodded. “Ya know, having two Evans down here is going to be awkward.”

She scrunched up her nose, twisting those freckles scattered across her face. She looked adorable but not one jot of attraction stirred in me.

“Fine. You can call me Atkinson.” She laughed and shook her head.

I chuckled under my breath. If I had to guess, she wasn’t surprised at Evans maneuvering. Having Atkinson in the shop would be interesting.

Don’t forget to grab a copy of Stealing Hope.

Tomorrow is the last day it is free!


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Disaster Control!

I found out the hard way I’m sharing my home with little whiskered critters! I feel bad and don’t mind sharing my walls. But my food? Nope.

This was my first inkling I had a problem! I pulled out my pecans to find a hole. I thought maybe I’d caught them in the door because I have my baking products in a lower corner cabinet with a two fold door and I’ve had other items pinched and torn open.

I’m having my kitchen cabinets reclad on March 1. The boxes are in great shape, sturdy and built when things were made to last. So I decided rather than replace them, I’d have them resurfaced. Some of the drawers are cracked so all of them will be replaced. A shame as they are dovetailed. But years of wear will do that. Especially as the house had been being rented out for years.

One of the requirements is to have all of the cabinets emptied, so I thought I’d start today. Surprise! I was sure mice were the problem when I removed a few items.

This makes it clear it wasn’t just getting my goods pinched in the door. Look carefully, you’ll see what looks like a Santa hat. That is a Hershey’s Kiss from a bag I hadn’t used. The bag was nibbled open and a few were pulled out. If I had any doubt left. This next picture erased all doubt.

They completely ate at least one kiss! lol.

It may seem horrible, but we are in a bit of a rural area and the temps have been below zero. It warmed up to 30 degrees yesterday. Mice are a fact of life. I’ll be taking steps to remove them, but I doubt it will work. Half of our foundation is a crawl space, so, dirt. Mice love dirt. Add warmth and food above and I’m fighting a losing battle.

I’ll be investing in some type of storage containers for sure! It is the only way to keep them from my food. Once I eliminate the source of food, they’ll stay out. I’ve a ton of glass jars at my other house and I’ll be bringing them here and using them. Once the yummy smells of sugar and chocolate are gone, they’ll go back to their usual sources. Whatever those are. I’ll have to check and source it at the other end of the yard away from the house.

I will be using mouse traps though. They breed at an extremely high rate and they’ve been living high off the hog. Hopefully it isn’t rats. Ugh. Even though I had one as a pet when I was a kid, I’ve no desire to have them living with me wild. But the turds say mice rather than their larger brethren.

Well, I need to finish emptying my cabinet. Tossing out the nibbled food and washing the outside of anything they didn’t open. The waste of food could be worse. After this cabinet is clean, I’ll be checking my pantry. Most of that food is in cans or Tupperware. I’ll just have to check a few items in boxes or bags, though the bags are mainly mylar except for the rice so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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A #Giveaway for my Birthday

Thursday was my birthday and I decided to celebrate by giving away my first book in A Dragon’s Fated Heart series, Stealing Hope.

So, if you’ve been curious, grab it and enjoy. The giveaway ends on February 28. It is available on book funnel and you can grab the version you need.

I’ve had a lot of book posts lately because I was in Arizona visiting family and didn’t have to worry about my blog, lol. Lazy I know. But I had lots of fun. I went out because my nephew got married. One of the funnest weddings I’ve been to.

Both my brothers were there, my parents, all my nieces and and nephews and one of my cousins along with my parents. Only my son was missing but he is in desert training right now and couldn’t get out of it. Guess the boss can’t go away, lol.

Lots of fun with the Cha Cha Slide, We are Family, the Chicken Dance to just name a few. From the minute Dancing Queen played until the final song, Watermelon Sugar we were on the floor.

Then for my birthday I had a gas pipe relocated in the new house so my new stove could snug up against the wall. Went to the kiddos to wait for their new refrigerator to be installed, got the granddaughter from school and babysat until my daughter got home. She bought dinner at Culver’s and we celebrated at my house with dinner, a mini cake, a nap for me (lol) and the next episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

Fun day.

So, grab your free book! No obligation though I’d happily take your sign up for my newsletter that will be going out in the next week.

Stealing Hope

A Dragon’s Fated Heart book 1

The apocalypse has come and gone.
Those who survived learned to adapt.
Dragons awaken to once again reign over the skies.

Upon eruption of a volcano, Ari awakens to a changed world, and a knowing that his dragon’s mate is near. He saves her twice—once as a dragon, and again as a man—and wins her confidence.

Hope cried out, moaning, “just change me with pleasure?”

Hope is restless and unfulfilled until she meets Ari, the man of her fantasies. The sensual tension between them heightens with every touch. When their passion explodes, Hope gets pulled into the dragon’s mating ritual…and into a world of erotic sensation she never dreamed existed but now cannot live without. The dragon binds his mate to him with a ritual that shows Hope her true nature in this humorous erotic romance.


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Dark Beam Series #Tour

Darkbeam Part I
The Beam Series Book 2
by Adrienne Woods
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Everyone in Paegeia knows that only one Rubicon dragon lives at a time.
If more than one, they will destroy Paegeia and eventually the rest of the world as they crave that constant power for dominance.
Blake Leaf is this era’s Rubicon, and is destined for great things if his darkness can be won.
Darkbeam Part 1 follows the story of the Rubicon and how he tries to keep his beast, the darkness, at bay.
Darkbeam Part II
The Beam Series Book 3
Please note that this is not for YA Audience like the Dragonian Series
Everyone knows the Rubicon is predestined for evil, and the alpha dragon does nothing to change their opinions of him. What they don’t know is that he harbors a secret, a secret that can set him free, but also trap him forever.
Refusing to give in to that which can lead him to a path of freedom, Blake Leaf allows the darkness to attempt to claim his soul. But there is always a shining light somewhere, and sometimes it’s just too dark to see it.
Will Blake find his way back to light, or is it too late for him?
Darkbeam Part II is about the events of Thunderlight and Frostbite (Book 2 and 3 in The Dragonian Series) told from Blake Leaf’s point of view.
Darkbeam Part III
The Beam Series Book 4
The Third part in the Darkbeam Novels: The Rubicon’s Story.
Blake Leaf is fighting against the Dent. He truly believes that the Dent is an enslavement spell. One where he would loose himself and that the bond is not natural. He takes extreme measures with the help of Sam and Dimitri, a very dark sorcerer, that might cost him his life, if he caves.
Darkbeam is the Rubicon’s story and also part of the Spin off series from the INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING SERIES The Dragonian Series.
Darkbeam Part IV
The Beam Series Book 5
Please note that this is not for YA Audience like the Dragonian Series
The 4th Part in the Rubicon’s Story.
Blake Leaf is experiencing all sorts of new feelings after the Dent, and because of his past, the princess of Paegeia isn’t making it easy to trust him.
Only time and breaking through her layers will show her that he has changed. Then maybe their bond will heal and they will be find the missing ingredient in order to kill the Saadedine and free the people of Etan.
Now all he can do is to hope and pray that his secrets and past isn’t going to come back and mess up his his progress.
Darkbeam Part IV is about the events happening in Starlight, book 5, in the Dragonian series.
Darkbeam Part V
The Beam Series Book 6
Darkbeam Part V will be released exclusively a month before in my online store for $4.99, on the 22nd May 2021 (It will be released a month later on the 22nd June 2021 on all other online stores for $5.99)
Reserve early access and the price of $4.99 by giving us your name and email address below (Please note, this is not a newsletter subscription). No payment is required at this stage. We will email you the link once the book is available in our store for purchase, around the 22nd of May 2021. We will keep you informed.
Pre-Order HERE!
The Beam Series Book 1
Moonbeam follows Blake and Elena ten years later from where the last novel, Starlight, ended.
What if your ‘what if’ becomes finally an option. Would you go and change the past…?
Adrienne is a USA Today Bestselling author.
She’s been in love with books all her life and knew at the age of 13 that she is going to be a writer one day.
That dream happened ten years ago and she started to pen her stories down on paper. Firebolt, her debut novel, was released 4 years after that, and she hasn’t stopped since.
Now she almost has 15 novels under her belt, and it doesn’t look like she is going to stop soon.
Go to her books to discover her series and those that still need to come.
Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!
$10 Amazon
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