The Dalya Series #BookTour & #Giveaway

Ashes and Blood
Dalya Book 1
by Katie Zaber
Genre: Fantasy

I’ll start at the beginning. Long ago, before roads, before we built structures, before medicine was discovered, before the government was created, before man gained any knowledge, there were The Five. Independent from each other, The Five had a mutual respect for one another. They knew their roles in the world and their duty. They were gods…”
An adventure begins when an otherworldly tree captures the attention of Megan and her friends. The environment morphs around them, transferring them to an exotic planet. Stuck in a rural town still maimed by the plague, a chance encounter with a familiar face gives Megan and her friends some security during their adjustment period.
While settling into new, promising lives, they are attacked and stalked by planet Dalya’s humanoid inhabitants, who focus on Megan. One dark night, after an epic, magical attack, the Fae King’s knight is sent to fetch Megan. When she wakes up a prisoner, she learns that there is much more to this strange world, and it is oddly more like her own than she ever would have expected.
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Below Dark Waters
Dalya Book 2

Princess Megan, who never had a reason to assume she was anything but human, has been on the run, protected by her friends. With each step toward the city of Delmont, she hopes they will have time to regroup before setting sail to the Ka’Pamau Islands, their final destination. Instead, her bad luck shadows her and chaos continues to ensue everywhere she goes—including a new part of the world that most air breathers have yet to explore. Confronted with another royal family and a smitten prince whose advances turn cold, she faces another life-altering decision with ramifications she can’t possibly begin to guess at.
Back on land, Lilly reveals more of her secrets, her story, and her goals. Monumental changes and challenges are headed her way as she embraces her new role in life.
On the sea, Aunt Carmia is stirring up trouble while continuing her hunt for the treasure she most desires. She experiences upheavals, but she is always prepared for the unknown.
As their stories unfold, they remain unaware how fate connects them in the world of Dalya.

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Katie Zaber is originally from Southern New Jersey. Her childhood home is just minutes from the Long Beach Island Bridge. When not writing, Katie can be found at wine tastings, sun bathing at the beach, going for hikes, screaming at Six Flags, reading, or in her favorite place, her kitchen, baking desserts and breads. She currently lives in Morris County, New Jersey with her boyfriend.

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The Seeking #BookTour & #Giveaway #Dystopian

The Seeking
by Marlena Frank
Genre: YA Horror Dystopian
Beware the Gray People
Each Seeking, the magic that protects the town of Carra must be renewed, which means the children of the Exalted Family must go into hiding. Whether it be through disguise or bribe, through trusted friends or perfect hiding places, every child of the Priest family must avoid capture for the full day.
When things go wrong with the renewal, it’s up to seventeen-year-old Dahlia, the middle child of the Priest family, and her girlfriend, Bisa, to escape Carra and find the magical beings responsible for the protection. They must learn who would require such a cruel game to be played every year and if the protection of the Gray People is really worth such a deadly cost. What they will discover is far worse.
Marlena Frank has always been fascinated with monsters, and now gets to write about them. She has been writing horror and fantasy short stories since 2010 and has had her work published in a number of anthologies, from Heroic Fantasy Quarterly to The Sirens Call.
Her YA Dark Fantasy novella, The She-Wolf of Kanta, was released in April 2018 from Aurelia Leo. Her debut novel, Stolen, came out January 2019 from The Parliament House Press, and on release day became an Amazon Bestseller in a YA category. When she isn’t thinking up strange tales, she’s an active member in the Atlanta cosplay community and the Atlanta chapter of the Horror Writers Association. Her novel Stolen hit Amazon’s bestseller status on release day, reaching #34 in the Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths for Children category on Amazon on release day.
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The Val-Harra Saga ~ #Dragons are real

Dawn of the Overlords

The Val-Harra Saga Book 1

by Kevin Potter

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Dragons are real.
A draconic apocalypse is poised to strike at Humanity.
Just one wyrm stands in the way.

As a young dragon living by the ideals of virtue and honor, Dauria wanted nothing more than to live in peace and harmony with Humanity. When that failed, she helped establish a pact that forced Dragonkind into the shadows.

When she awakens after millennia of slumber, she finds the Earth a very different place than she remembers. To make matters worse, upon exiting her lair she finds herself stripped of all her draconic power and left to freeze, in human form, on the icy heights of her mountain home.

Someone doesn’t want her to rejoin the rest of her kind. Someone sabotaged her from the moment she awakened. Someone wants nothing more than to begin a full-scale war between humans and dragons with the fate of the Earth in the balance.

Somehow, Dauria has to find a way to overcome every obstacle placed in front of her and make her way to the Dragon Council. Who will prevent the coming war if not her?

But how can she do that with no power and not even the strength of her dragon form to aid her? 

If you love stories all about dragons as deeply flawed and conflicted as any human, if you enjoy rapid, page-turning suspense on the backdrop of dragon-centric contemporary fantasy, then download your copy of Dawn of the Overlord today!

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Power of the Overlords

The Val-Harra Saga Book 2

They exist, and have risen from their slumber to take the Earth back from Humankind.

In the aftermath of the Great Dragon War, a horrifying new power could destroy everything…

The subjugation of man should have brought an end to hostilities. It should have brought an age of peace to the Earth.
It didn’t. The hostile suspicion between dragons is worse than ever.

Since her failure to prevent the war, Dauria has all-but-lost her faith in the compassion of Dragonkind. But still she hopes. She prays that one day sanity will return to her people.

After centuries in Antarctica, Dauria and her budding family sacrifice the peace and stability of isolation to re-enter the deadly world of the New Dragon War to right a wrong she is partially responsible for.

The group travels to her ancestral home in Japan in the hope of stopping her brother’s dark machinations. But when the family is separated, Dauria risks more than just her sanity in her quest to reunite her family and stop her brother’s evil plans.

Will she find a way to thwart her brother and retrieve her family, or was the quest a lost cause from the start?

If you’ve been waiting for a series that puts dragons front and center, then look no farther! Kevin Potter’s Val-Harra Saga is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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Age of the Overlords

The Val-Harra Saga Book 3

In a future Earth where dragons reign supreme and have only each other to fear, is there any chance left for peace?

A conflicted dragon. A Prophecy. And an ancient wyrm with a dark secret…

Gravv is not the dragon he once was. No longer an innocent. No longer an idealist. Now he lives for little more than revenge. But in the aftermath of the disastrous showdown in Japan, he and his sire must meet with potential allies in the west.

Their arrival is far less than peaceful, however, and those allies have plans and secrets of their own. All is not well in this conclave of metallic dragons, and nothing is what it seems.

Will Gravv find a way to rise above his own prejudices and overcome the machinations of new enemies, or will The Age of Extinction make a victim of him as well?

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Revenge of the Overlords

The Val-Harra Saga Book 4

Thousands of years in the future, dragons rule the Earth.

Though the war is far from over, the battle has been won. But at what cost?

Maalyys is mourning for the losses in the last battle, but there is so much yet to do. Without the support of the overlords, the Great Council to save and unite all Dragonkind in peace will remain an unattainable dream…

Bal struggles to correct the tyranny his island home has lived in for centuries, but a prophetic nightmare shows him that he must take an active role in his sire’s plans for the future.

Someone is working behind the scenes to sabotage the council, and Bal fears a wyrm has unlocked an unheard of power that will destroy them all.

When an unlooked-for miracle returns a fallen hero to their lives, everything changes. Hope, so long absent from the Earth, tugs at the hearts of both dragons.
But will it be enough? Will anything be enough to overcome the darkness that dominates all Dragonkind since the discovery of Essence Theft?

Though they sometimes work at cross purposes, Bal and Maalyys must work together toward their common goal lest one whom they both love will suffer all the more for it. 

Revenge of the Overlords is the long-awaited culmination of the Metal and Stone sequence, the first arc of the Blood of the Dragons series that brings full circle the story of what happens when dragons rule the Earth. Longer, deeper, and more epic than any of its predecessors, this book will keep you up turning pages long past your bedtime.

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About the Author

Hello, reader! (sorry to defy conventions, but I can’t stand writing about myself in the third person. It’s just weird.)

I spend a good portion of my time masquerading as dragons larger than some cities, but when I’m not doing that I like to spend my time picking people’s brains.

No, no, I don’t mean learning from their experiences, I like the taste of brain matter!

Okay, okay, I’ll try to be serious for a minute (I can’t promise for more than one minute though).

I’ve been a storyteller for almost as long as I can remember. It started when I was nine. In school, we had an assignment to write a one-page short story. That night, I wrote a nine-page “masterpiece” about a magical pair of shoes and their journeys throughout the western United States before finding an owner who would properly care for and appreciate them.

From there, my storytelling grew into DMing D&D games (and other roleplaying games).

Naturally, the games eventually led me to start writing stories.

I’m not a full-time author (yet), though I am hopeful. Professionally, I’ve done everything from technical support to restaurant management to building custom gaming PCs.

I live in Cottonwood Height, UT, with my wife and two beautiful daughters who I’m certain are much smarter than me.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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#Moving ~ Are we crazy?

Here’s a picture of our soon to be new home! I’m packing up the old house. So many things! Twenty seven years of things! Gah!

I started by packing our dvds. Next is clothes. I’m clearing out furniture we won’t be taking with. Got rid of a couch today. I’m sorting as I box things up.

Remember the beautiful floors I just did? I have to do the floors in this house too! My husband just laughed. I’m doing them before we move in. We are (cross your fingers) supposed to close on October 16th. I’m taking a week after that to do the floors and paint. We’ll start moving stuff in after that. We should be in by Halloween.

Then, the house we are moving from is having a bathroom renovation to take care of a few things. I started the floor, painting and the bathroom before we ever thought of moving! Now someone else will enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Good thing I enjoyed doing all of it! Though I’m hiring out the tiling and drywall in the bathroom. We’re also going to put in a new natural gas furnace. Currently we have a fuel oil furnace. We’re planning on renting it out, so want it to have no problems.

Sometimes it seems like nothing but work! Our current house is over 125 years old. So, of course there is work! Our new house was built in 1946 so it is much newer, lol. Septic and well also. Something to thrill my prepper heart!

I’m all for paying for movers. I’m past the time where I won’t ache the next week if we do it ourselves. Add in the fact that the new house is an hour away from the old house and that is a lot of driving. Even if we just get movers for the furniture I’d be happy. They can clamber up and down stairs with the heavy pieces.

We’re not downsizing. That word just freezes my blood! Why should I be cramped just because we’re getting older? Don’t you know that being that close together might end up with one of us buried in the backyard? LOL. Seriously.

No open concept for us. If I had to listen to the TV all day long, I’d go bonkers.

What I will miss is my garden. As unproductive as it’s been for me, I enjoyed gardening. There are a couple of itty bitty raised beds at our new house, so that will have to suffice. Since it’s not like I produced much of anything!

Currently I have butternut squash and pumpkins still producing. One squash and three pumpkins, lol. But I’ll take it! I’ll mow everything under before we move. Or before the snow comes. Not sure which will come first here in Wisconsin!

So, my life is continually in flux. As everyone’s I suppose. We’re off to the Pumpkin Patch so have a good week!

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Summation of my Garden

It’s so sad.

No corn due to the squirrels and chipmunks. Ditto the zucchini and tomatoes! I got one watermelon, the critters got the rest.

The turnips, beets and radishes will get pulled next week. I’ll see how that went.

No sweet potatoes because SOMETHING is digging them up and eating them. I got about 15 strawberries and my green beans and peas produced well.

Broccoli is finally sprouting. A little late, lol. The cauliflower never sprouted the edible parts.

From 12 green pepper plants, I have harvested 2 peppers with another one growing.

The jalapeno peppers are doing awesome. My husband begged me stop adding them to everything. But they are so good!

Turnip tops are disgusting. Sorry to those who like them. I’ll never grow the seven top turnip greens again.

Carrots, well the tops never showed I don’t believe. I’ll dig just in case, but I figure nothing will be there.

Two butternut squash plants have yielded 2 squash with 2 more growing. My pumpkin plants, 9 in total have yielded 3 pumpkins.

I’m a failure as a gardener, lol. I’d have been better off going to the farmer’s market. It won’t stop me from trying to do it again next year. After all my cherry tomato plant is still producing. At least I’ve had plenty of them!

I guess it’s to be expected. It is 2020.

Next year I’ll be doing it in raised beds. Maybe that will make it better.

We bought a new house so I won’t have as much yard to garden in. I hope the squirrels at our new place won’t like my gardening as much!

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Minute Zero #Tour and #Giveaway

Minute Zero
Stronghold Book 1
by Chris Jayne
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Thriller
When the world ends in a heartbeat, suddenly old secrets don’t matter anymore. But new ones still do, and protecting the ones you love is the only thing that still matters.
Two sisters, one a trendy caterer on the run from a vicious killer, the other a country midwife…
Because of a simple mistake, Lori Dovner must flee from the vicious mafioso Raoul Saldata, and her life goes from routine to a terrifying journey with an uncertain outcome in a single moment. On the road with her two children, her only goal is to get to her sister’s Montana farm alive. But both Lori and Louise have been hiding a secret for years.
Two brothers, one a Navy Seal on leave, the other a good man who wants to do right by his family…
Deacon Hale is taking two weeks to help his brother Roger and his wife Louise on their remote Montana farm. He loved Lori once, but has finally put her behind him. Roger Hale just wants to give his pregnant wife and two young children a good life. He has no idea the about the secrets that have been kept from him for years.
Dangerous identity…
Angela Jones is an FBI agent with a terrible debt that she knows she will someday have to pay. And when Raoul Saldata calls in that debt is called in she has no choice but to comply.
Evil incarnate…
Raoul Saldata as a child in Albania, would pretend he was a dhampir, the child resulting from the mating between a human female and a vampire. That was a myth of course, but the evil Saldata practices is anything but. And when he finds Lori Dovner, he intends to do a lot more than just kill her.
Minute Zero” Stronghold: Book One is a thriller (with a touch of romance) about an ordinary family struggling to stay safe and find each other in the face of insurmountable odds, an abysmal loss of life and the dawn of a new, post-apocalyptic dark age.
Could it happen? Would you survive?
Chris Jayne is author of the apocalyptic EMP series “Stronghold.”
Jayne is also the penname of a USA Today bestselling romance and thriller author who is has started asking “what if?” What if the lights go off? What if the food supply chain just… stops? The world could become an unfriendly place in a hurry.
Three years ago, Chris began exploring the “prepper” lifestyle, and hopes that if TEOTWAWKI would actually happen, she would be in a position to protect her family and loved ones.
She now spends her days splitting her time between her romance writing and her apocalyptic and dystopian fiction novels. Because what’s more fun than imagining the end of the world from the comfort of your couch? And if the end of the world has a few sexy Navy Seals in it? All the better!
She loves writing stories exploring how ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances, especially situations where the normal comforts, conveniences, and rules are stripped away.
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So Sore!

I did a final sand and seal of the floor upstairs. I know, I’m dragging this out, lol. But I went up and checked the floors and they were not as smooth as I’d liked. So I took the hand sander and 150 grit sandpaper and went to work. An hour and a half later the final sanding was done.

It took longer to get the loose detritus off the floor than to sand it! Not even the dryvac worked. I ended up getting a sponge mop, and went over the floors. Once it dried, I was able to take a towel and wipe it all up. No damage to the floors at all. Then I poured the polyurethane over the floors and spread it out.

The floors look spectacular!

The first picture, the poly is still a little wet, I did a semi gloss on the floors. The second is once it dried. Not enough to start moving furniture in, but a good beginning.

I had to touch up a couple of spots, but other than that, it turned out wonderful. Now I need a drywaller to finish up the wall separating the bedrooms, paint the bedroom and add the trim. I love the one inch boards. There are a few spots where the sander got out of hand, but overall I think they look great.

The total cost to refinish two rooms and the hallway ran about $600. My brother had someone do one of his rooms a couple of years ago and it cost him that then. I’d hate to imagine what it would have cost to have someone do them for me.

Of course, they would have been done a lot sooner. And my body wouldn’t ache, lol. It hurts to move and I’m walking like I’m ninety years old. Every bit of me is sore!

But I’d do it again rather than have someone come in.

Now I have to decide what to do about the last bedroom. My granddaughter asked for carpeting so she could play on it. I have to decide on carpet squares, or having someone come in and carpet it.

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Do you really think it happens in threes?

This has not been a good week. On Monday we found out a friend had passed away. Dropped in his front yard. He was 61. We were part of the military honors at the burial on Thursday.

On Tuesday I found out my uncle passed away. He was 60. He had been ill for a while. Heart trouble, dementia and at the end he was diagnosed with covid. I’m sure it will be listed as a covid death, but he’d been failing long before he caught that.

I’m praying I don’t have a third death or a friend or family member.

I’m counting the death of my corn and zucchini. Something, and you know what it is, ate every growing cob.

Then went on and ate from the leaf to the ground to decimate my zucchini plants.

I’ve pretty much given up on getting any tomatoes. A hint of red has them gnawed on like the darn things are candy! Perhaps to squirrels and chipmunks they are.

The watermelon have been disappearing when they reach the size of walnuts. Won’t those critters be surprised when they eat them! Of course, they have been sampling. The couple of watermelons that have survived all have teeth marks. I guess they wanted to get them while they could carry them!

BTW, my floors are still curing. We’ll be putting out the furniture this week. And getting rid of unnecessary stuff.

Ups and downs, this week. Facing mortality and hoping this is the end of it. I’d gladly sacrifice my veggies to keep my family and friends around!

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My new project! #Refinishing my Floors

This week has been crazy! I started sanding my upstairs this past week. I rented a sander to do the main part. Two rooms and a hallway. Eight hours of sanding later, the main sections were done. Then I used a belt sander the next two days to get the edges. Then I used a palm sander to get the darn corners the other two couldn’t reach.

It’s not perfect by any means! But over all it looks so much better! Here are some shots. My floors hadn’t been done in over twenty seven years. I know, that is how long we’ve lived here. In a house that was listed at 99+ years when we bought it! I’d be shocked if they had been done before.

These first two are the before pictures.

This one shows the difference in the partial sanding compared to the original floor.

The next two photos show the floors sanded with the exception of some of the edges. But the trim I need to put in will hide that!

The last three are shown with the sanding done, stain on and polyurethane completed. So much better than the first picture!

My floors are a beautiful one inch maple. Hard to find any more! They are beautiful, though I can see where I made a few boo boos! I doubt many would find them, but I’m always harder on myself!

We’ll leave the floors to cure through part of next week before we start putting furniture on them. I’m excited! We bought a new bed for ours. The other one we had will go in the room my granddaughter uses when she comes for a sleep over.

The third bedroom will be turned into an office/sewing/craft room for me!!!

I do need a spot to put all four of my sewing machines! And a private spot to get some writing done. I’m looking forward to putting it all together. I can finally get my books going again.

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A quick post for a Post-Apocalyptic thriller!

Number 367

By Sara Deray

Buy from Amazon

Joining Manifest could be the cure for Gavin’s fears.

If it doesn’t get him killed first.

The world inside Gavin Brady’s head is a strange place. The pros? He can tell what an item is made from by touch or sight alone. He doesn’t know how, only that it’s damn useful.

The cons? His life is consumed by his fear of Mods, a fraction of humanity that mutate at puberty, becoming stronger, tougher, and more resilient, gaining advanced senses and accelerated healing.

They began to appear at the same time humanity moved from their open cities under the sky into the domes, protecting them from the harsh changes of Earth’s unstable environment. Many humans have since come to accept Mods as a part of life, but Gavin wishes for nothing more than to live in a world without them.

There are horrors in Gavin’s past, traumatic memories all but sealed away from a childhood he barely survived. All he knows for sure are two things:

A Mod was responsible.

No Mod can be trusted.

Given the chance to join Manifest, a mercenary agency promising him a change from his dead-end job and a possible cure for the fear keeping him bound to the past, Gavin would be a fool to turn it down.

The one part of his contract he can’t stand? It comes with a Mod partner. No exceptions.

But can he ever learn to work with Zach, whose animosity toward humans is the only thing stronger than Gavin’s fear? Or will this new partner be the final straw that sends Gavin back to the psych ward?

I found this had popped up in my email and thought I’d share. As you know, I keep an eye on post apocalyptic books, to try to keep mine fresh. This looks interesting! Check it out for the next couple of days because rumor is it will be going free for a short period of time. I don’t think I missed it, but you never know!

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